Hot Smoked Salmon and Spinach Pasta and Rory update

This was a revelation, so good and so so easy. I'd been to Waitrose and picked up 2 hot smoked salmon fillets for 85p!, some fresh Pasta (250g) and a bunch of reduced Dill. All I needed to add was a dollop of Creme Fraiche from the fridge and a handful of Spinach (wilted in the pasta water for the last minute of cooking) - DIVINE. Quick and easy meals like this are godsend in my house at the moment!

Rory at 5 weeks with his big sister Lowen.


  1. What little cuties who will grow up with wonderful food like this.

  2. You have such beautiful children!

  3. These childs are absolutely lovely!! xxx gloria

  4. Your pastas sound amazing! Salmon and dill go so well together.

    Your kids are really cute :)

  5. Your dish looks so yummy, a real comfort food on a cold day.
    Your kids are so cute !


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