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Hidden Veggie Pasta for Fusspots

Most people I come across are under the impression that my children will eat anything I put in front of them....wrong!  At times they can be fussy, especially my daughter who only last week refused to eat her dinner three days on the trot (I think it was a backlash to me going to Cybermummy!). My 18 month old on the other hand is generally pretty good at polishing off his food but one thing that neither of them are keen on is lumpy vegetable sauces (to be honest I don't think I was too keen on big lumps of vegetables at their age either). 

These are the times when my ancient Braun hand blender (that was passed down to me by my late Grandmother) comes into its own. I make up huge vats of tomato based vegetable sauces and blitz them until smooth... and a smooth vegetable sauce is a pretty versatile thing. You can stir it through pasta like I have done here, use it as a base for bolognese and lasagne, spoon it over fish or chicken or even spread it on homemade pizza bases. My kids hav…

Spiced Duck Breasts with Rice Pilaf

Cornish Duck is a company that has been on my radar for a while now.  I have seen them at various events in and around Cornwall over the last year and only last month I was lucky enough to try their beautiful duck pate as a judge at the Cornwall Food and Farming Awards. We were situated on the stand next to them at the show so I had a chance to chat to Roger and his partner (aka 'Mrs Duck') in their quieter moments....and there weren't many of them, they were pretty much overrun the whole day by people wanting to try their fare.
As I chatted they seemed really passionate and proud of their enterprise. They rear all the ducks themselves, slaughter them and make delicious ducky delicacies, sold at food events such as this and also supplying top local restaurants (they will soon be selling directly from their website too I believe). I had a try of their novel 'Quackling' whilst on the stand (very moreish) and Roger kindly gave me 2 juicy duck breasts at the end of the …

Mincemeat Squares

As promised, its back to normal here with a recipe. Now, you might think that mincemeat is an odd ingredient to be using in June....and it is really. 
I found a rather large jar of homemade mincemeat left over from Christmas right at the back of my cupboard and I fancied baking with it. Using my trusty friend Twitter I came across this recipe on Cooking Cakes and Children blog and gave it a go. I used a slightly smaller baking tin so the slices are a bit thicker, but that's really the only change I made.
Delicious as an after school snack with a glass of ice cold milk.

| Serves: 16 squares | Prep Time: 10 Minutes | Cook Time: 40 Minutes | Total Time: 50 Minutes |
Ingredients:  200g self raising flour175g caster sugar175g unsalted butter, cubed115g porridge oats1 jar mincemeat Instructions: Step 1: Preheat oven to 180c/gas 4 and grease a 20x20com baking tin.Step 2:Mix together the flour, sugar and oats then rub in the butter until breadcrumb like clumps form.Step 3: Tip h…

Anorexia Laid Bare

Chorizo, Ricotta and Thyme Frittata

I had some ricotta left over from the Cannelloni I made at the weekend and after asking my followers on Facebook and Twitter for recipe suggestions (always better and more entertaining than looking through recipe books), I concocted this beaut of a recipe. The ricotta gives it a wonderful lightness, although thanks to the chorizo's meatiness you certainly feel like you've had a meal. If you didn't have any fresh thyme, you could try rosemary....or even a tsp of dried mixed herbs would be fine! Enjoy!
Whilst I have got your attention I may as well also gently remind you that voting in the Mad Blog Awards is open for two more weeks. Jam and Clotted Cream is one of the finalists in the category of best food blog (I'm at number 5)! Please do go and vote.

| Serves: 4 | Prep Time: 10 Minutes | Cook Time: 10 Minutes | Total Time: 20 Minutes |
Ingredients:  Glug of garlic oil1 onion2 fresh chorizo sausages, cut into piecesSprig of Thyme, 6 eggs, …