Cybermummy11 Live Blog: How to become a blogger activist

This is a live blog post from Cybermummy 2011 from the session 'How to become a blogger activist' (14:20 -15:10). In this session bloggers will be learning how to work with charities and use their blogs to make a difference. The session is being run by Liz Scarff who devised and implemented the innovative social media campaign #Blogladesh for Save the Children, Rosie Scribble and Sian To from Mummy Tips (one of the co-founders of Cybermummy).

14:20: Sian giving an introduction to the session.

First speaker Rosie Scribble:
14:26: Rosie got involved with Unicef 2 years ago with the pampers vaccine campaign. Rosie visited Cameroon in August last year which she says was a life changing experience for her.

14:31: She visited Cameroon to see how the campaign was working on the ground and continues to support further campaigns since this trip last year.

Second Speaker Liz Scarff:
14:33: Liz Scarff started her talk with this poignant sentence 'We Save Children's lives'. She went on to explain her role within Save the Children and her specific interests in social media and the blogging community which she uses to great advantage to raise awareness of the campaigns she runs. Last year Liz did something quite extraordinary, something never been done before, when she took 3 mummy bloggers to Bangladesh to see for themselves the extreme poverty many children are born into, as well as the lack of basic medical care for pregnant and new mothers. The campaign was known as #Blogladesh and has since been nominated for several innovation awards.

Film of the trip to Bangladesh showing on the big screen - *tissues at the ready*

14:37: The success of the #Blogladesh campaign spurred Liz into further action and only a few weeks ago she took a further 3 bloggers to  Mozambique (#passiton campaign) to see the journey of life saving, life changing, vaccines. The bloggers that went on the trip (which included a blogger that I myself follow on Twitter - Christine Mosler of Thinly Spread) blogged, tweeted and videod their experiences and shared them to vast audiences over the web.  The response on Twitter and in wider circles was huge......and people really did stand up and listen to the messages they were trying to get across.
14:40: Liz made it clear that because communication has changed so much over the last few years it makes it much easier for messages and collective voices to be heard.

Speakers Sian and Josie:
14:41: Sian and Josie spoke about their trip to Bangladesh (#Blogladesh) last year. It was a  very emotional experience for both of them which is clear to see from their heartfelt speeches. They say the hardest thing was seeing  desperate Mothers asking them to take their children away to a better life....and spending time with kids who they knew were going to die.  

14:46: Despite the tragedy Josie said it was good to see babies being saved...things are changing and  will continue to change with the help and voice of bloggers. 

14:51: Question and answer session with Liz, Sian and Rosie

Both #Blogadesh and the #Passiton campaigns were about raising awareness and changing political mindsets and will. Save the Children are now using Twitter especially to drive and track fundraising efforts,  particularly in the immediate aftermath of disasters. 

I found this session to be topical, emotional and very real and it has certainly spurred me into finding out what I can do as a blogger to help charities close to my heart.


  1. Hmmmm thanks for this. Didn't make it to Cybermummy yesterday.... so I'm now seeking out precis's of all the talks. This gets me thinking... I blog a lot about environmental stuff.... lots of possibilities! thanks for posting it.

  2. Great post, I think you have covered everything that was said during the workshop.

    Like you I found the workshop to be very inspiring and thought provoking. I would like to find out more about what I can do to make a difference!

    Lovely to meet you too :)


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