Debbie's Welshcakes


I have said this many times before but Twitter really is a wonderful thing. I received a lovely tweet from a new follower @debswelshcakes asking if I would like to sample some of her homemade welshcakes…, yes please! The only welshcakes I have sampled previously were pre-packaged ones from the supermarket, which quite frankly tasted like cardboard. Debbie’s however were in a different league altogether and restored my faith. 

The welshcakes arrived in pristine condition, thanks to the sturdy packaging and were beautifully wrapped in red gingham-esque paper, tied with a red bow. I opened up the packet and tried one ….and then I tried another one…and another. I had difficulty stopping myself from taking yet another so I let the kids sample one each, which the gobbled down…and then we had some more for breakfast this morning. Unlike the cardboard ones I have eaten previously, these were lovely and moist, with a dense doughy texture and very, very moreish. Debbie now sells online (fruit and plain) and you can order a batch by visiting her website

Thank-you so much Debbie, they were a real treat....any chance of the recipe?!


  1. These look good! I have never tried Welsh cakes. Maybe I should ...

  2. They look tempting enough to try to make them:)


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