Christmas Gifts from The Handpicked Collection

I was lucky enough to be sent this Olive Wood Heart Board from the lovely ladies at The Handpicked Collection last week. I'm going to be giving it as a Christmas present to my parent along with the hamper of Cornish Cheeses I'm putting together for them.

As always looking at the Handpicked Catalogue is dangerous - too many things I need (well, want) and too little spare money this close to Christmas.

Here are just a few things I wouldn't mind receiving in my Christmas stocking (if any of my family are reading this!)

Bird Cake Stand

Silver Plated Jug

Duckling Doorstop


  1. That cake stand if precious!

  2. I need a new cake stand too. That one is lovely.

  3. I've been admiring that cake stand too - I fear if I ask Mr CC for it he will combust...i have lots of cake stands and never use them!

  4. Oh love that cake stand! Now requested a catalogue, cue melting of my plastic friend...


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