Must-have kitchen items for your favourite springtime dishes

The weather is warming up, and if you’re like most at-home cooks, you are probably ready to start making lighter dishes and entertaining guests. As you store away your crock pot and soup recipes, you’ll need different kitchen items to help you transform your springtime menu into a culinary delight. If you’re aiming to make your cooking this season just as easy to prepare as it is enjoyable to eat, here are five utensils you should invest in today.

Salad spinner. There’s nothing like a cool, crisp salad to add to your springtime meals, especially because this is a prime time of the year for produce. If you shy away from making your own salads because of the maintenance involved, getting a salad spinner could be the one kitchen item that you need. In addition, this handy kitchen item can also help you prepare other fresh dishes since it’s also great for draining canned beans or veggies.

Handy portable barbecue. This kitchen item is actually meant to get you out of the kitchen and into the gorgeous spring weather. Once the air starts to warm up, you’ll probably get the urge to invite over family and friends for grilled steaks and barbecued chicken. If you don’t have a lot of garden space, getting a portable cooker will enable you to entertain when you’re up for it.

Citrus press. When warm weather arrives, homemade lemonade will sound like a great idea--until you find yourself hand squeezing a dozen lemons. To make drink preparation easier, invest in a citrus press. This item will save you the manual labour, and it will also help you get more juice out of your fruit, meaning that you won’t have to waste any. And if you’re a fan of fresh-squeezed orange juice for breakfast, this investment will pay you back twice as fast.

Griddle. Whether you want to increase the amount of cooktop space that you have or you just don’t feel like turning on the stove, a griddle can serve as a substitute way to cook most of your favourite dishes, such as pancakes, hamburgers and even stir-fry. It’s also a good way to roast veggies to go on top of barbecued meats.

Fruit and vegetable dicer. For cooks who are looking to eat healthier, this item is a must-have. Instead of chopping your produce by hand--a time-consuming process that can deter even the most skilled cooks--place them in a dicer and turn them into slices or cubes with one swipe. You can use a dicer to prep veggies for steaming or adding to a salad or omelet. Likewise, serving up a fruit salad after your spring and summer meals will hit the spot without you even having to think twice about it.


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