I'm still here!!

It’s been a while since I was here. Sorry about that. Not much to report other than being very busy at work (we are putting together a new Local Plan for the district), busy with the kids and their ever increasing list of activities and also getting our house ready to put on the market. I had to take the decision to stop the food PR work I was doing on a part time basis  as I just didn’t have enough hours in the day – as well as being severely let down by one of my big clients (but that’s a story for another day).

I’ve still been cooking, but nothing new and exciting just the tried and tested old favourites. Stuff I can batch cook and stick in the freezer.

One new development is that I’ve started eating more gluten free food. In the two weeks I’ve been following a ’largely’  gluten free diet I’ve had a load more energy, feel less sluggish and tired, less bloated, better skin. …I can’t see a reason not to continue. I’ve discovered some brilliant gluten free pasta and the hubby and kids haven’t noticed the difference. One thing I am struggling with is bread, but perhaps I’ll have a go at making my own soon.  I’m also looking for some gluten free cookbook/blog recommendations so if anyone can help with this leave a comment or tweet me @jamandcream

I hope to be back with recipes very soon…unless we miraculously sell our house in the next few days and have to start packing up….I wont hold my breath.

What has everyone else been up to?


  1. Life gets in the way for all of us sometimes.

    Sorry to hear you've had to stop doing your part-time PR work, but it's understandable if you're busy with another job as well!

  2. Hope you are happy as well as busy and not too stressed. I shall await your next post xx

  3. SO nice to see you back and posting Beth! Karen


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