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Banana and Baobab Breakfast Bars

On weekday mornings I need a quick and easy breakfast I can eat at my desk. I often turn to flapjack based bars as they tend to keep me full until lunchtime  - my favourites being these Honey and Peanut Butter flapjacks. As I had a couple of black banana's to use and an intriguing packet of Baobab powder (thank you Eden Project) to experiment with I though I would develop a high energy Breakfast Bar, using a flapjack recipe as the base.

Baobab Tree's in Africa are known as the 'tree's of life' because their fruits contain high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They contain:
Three times more calcium than milkTwice the Vitamin C of orangesSix times more antioxidants than blueberriesNot only do the fruits provide health benefits, but trade of baobab fruit helps to relieve poverty by supporting harvesters and their families. Eden project baobab is sustainably harvested and bought from rural harvester groups in Malawi. Money from every sale of baobab powder…

Christmas Menu Planning Ideas

Christmas Meal Planning has well and truely started in this house. I love pulling Nigella and Delia off the book shelf to help inspire me and this year I thought I would put together a list of my favourite festive recipes in a blog post. Some of the recipes are my own, some are from external websites and some are from books (I will include book and page number for you). There will be recipe ideas for the 'main event' but also recipes for the run up to the big day including freeze ahead meals, gifts and edible presents, sweet treats, buffets and 2 menu options for Christmas Eve. To be helpful I will also mark any recipes that can be frozen.
If you have any tried and trusted favourites then leave a link in the comments section and I will add it to the blog post.
Christmas Cakes Walnut and Whisky Christmas Cake with Whisky Icing Easy Christmas Cake
Gluten Free Ginger Christmas Fruit Cake (Apple and Spice blog)
Sweet Treats Gingerbread House Easy Mince Pies (F) Star Studded Mince Pies (N…

Meal Plan 4th November - 10th November 2013

Back to School and work this week...Boo. Despite the changeable weather we managed to get out and about locally visiting Trerice House and Gardens near Newquay, Cardinham Woods near Bodmin - where I had a yummy Pulled Pork Ciabatta from Woods Cafe and also a walk on our favourite local beach, Sandymouth on Rorys 4th Birthday. I managed to make a few meals for the freezer too which I will use this week- always a lifesaver to have something in the freezer to call on after a busy day at work and 2 hungry kids and a husband to feed. So this coming weeks meal plan goes something like this...

Monday 4th November
Curried Mince and Peas with Rice

Tuesday 5th November
Jackets with leftover Curried Mince

Wednesday 6th November
Chorizo and Pea Risotto

Thursday 7th November
Creamy Sausage Pasta - scroll down the blog post for the recipe

Friday 8th November
Homemade Pizza

Saturday 9th November
Spinach and Bacon Carbonara

Sunday 10th November
Chicken Kievs, Rice and Steamed Vegetables