Who Knew You Could Juice A Parsnip?

Who knew you could juice a parsnip? I didn't until this fab Phillips Avance Juicer turned up for review along with the Juice Master recipe book by juicing  'guru' Jason Vale (I have to admit I'd never heard of him before but apparently he is a god in the juicing world).

This juicer retails at £199 (Argos) and is the one that Jason recommends in his latest juicing book. It's super easy to put together and more importantly only takes 5 minutes to clean. A big problem with older style juicers (and one of the main reasons that put me off buying one before) was the palava of taking them apart and cleaning all the separate fiddly bits, but with this one there is minimal faffing. You can even use the pulp waste to make cakes – something I will be trying soon.

The book accompanying the juicer came with plenty of recipes but instead of following them to letter I used them as inspiration. My favourite combo so far has been Orange, Pear, Carrot and Ginger Juice but I’m looking forward to experimenting with other flavour combinations soon. I’m also finding that instead of throwing out slightly past it fruit and veg, I’m juicing them so its definitely cut my fresh food waste down considerably....and if I can start using the pulp waste to make cakes then all the better!

Look out for lots of healthy juice recipes on the blog soon and here is a beginnersguide to juicing from the Foodies100 website.

This is obviously a top of the range juicer but Argos have cheaper options available if your budget doesn't stretch. 

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  1. No I didn't know you could juice a parsnip....lol
    What a great gadget! Sounds fab!!


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