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Raspberry Yogurt Ice

Raspberry Yogurt Ice

We are having really lovely weather at the moment, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to use my new ice cream maker. This recipe produces a wonderfully fresh tasting ice cream and the colour is a really vibrant pink.


250g Raspberries
100g Caster Sugar
500ml Greek Yogurt

Step 1: Whizz raspberries and sugar in processor
Step 2: Pass through a non metallic sieve
Step 3: Fold into the Greek yogurt and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes
Step 4: Pour into ice cream maker and freeze according to instructions

Beth Sachs
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  1. Oh yummy! I have an ice cream maker on my "wish list". I love the idea of using yogurt.

  2. I do love the simple recipes that work and this looks like a real winner!

    (I'm also in the market for a new scoop, so do let me know if you find one that gives the Perfect Scoop!)

  3. mmm, your icecream looks delicious! I think I need to get an ice cream maker! I would just love some right now on this very hot sunday afternoon! I love the fact you made it with so few ingredients - I'm always trying to encourage my hubbie to buy good quality ice-cream with few ingrediants! Hope you enjoy it x PS i've added you to my blog roll!

  4. Thank-you mrsb. You can really tell the difference with shop bought ice cream - this tastes fresh and natural!!

  5. I could just eat some of that right now. It's been 95F (35C) here today, and when you factor in the humidity, the heat index puts us at 106F (41C). And it's set to get hotter next week!

    BTW, your peanut butter chips will soon be winging their way to you.

  6. Yummm, that looks so good. That's funny, I just made frozen yogurt, yesterday.

  7. Thanks Jan. Had any thoughts on what I can send you??!

  8. I bet this was great! I haven't made any frozen yogurt for ages. I have been making alot of sorbet instead. You should try one in your ice cream maker, they are great! There are a couple of recipes on my blog and you have to go and visit David Lebovitz blog. He is a genius when it comes to ice cream!

  9. Thanks holler, I'll take a look. Saw a recipe for nutmeg sorbet today which sounded interesting. I'll try anything me!!

  10. I made raspberry sorbet this week but this looks better!

  11. This sounds & looks delicious. I've been churning tubs & tubs of ice cream & sorbets this summer but have yet to try anything with raspberries. Will put this on my to do list.

  12. i love raspberry ice cream, and this is a wonderful (and much more healthy) alternative. it's beautiful!

  13. This sounds so light and refreshing! I too have an ice cream scoop on my wish list :)

  14. Great looking ice cream! I could eat that right now!!

  15. That looks good! I like nice and simple recipes like this.

  16. Nutmeg sorbet sounds well good! Let me know if you try it :)

  17. Beth this looks like the perfect yoghurt ice cream!!! I must definitely try this.



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