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Valentine's Antipasti Platter

Antipasti Platter

Unearthed, a company who specialises in continental deli-style food, recently sent me some Italian cured meats to try. Here's what arrived on my doorstep;

Italian Prosciutto Crudo

Italian Milano Salami

I thought it would be a nice idea to incorporate the cured meats in a Valentine's inspired Italian Antipasti Platter, suitable for you and your loved ones to share on the 14th ~ or any time of the year for that matter.

Here's whats on the platter
Prosciutto from Unearthed
Salami from Unearthed
Buffalo Mozzarella
Fresh Basil
Pecorino and Pine-Nut Dip
Sun-dried Tomatoes

A platter like this takes minutes to prepare, leaving you time to....well, whatever you fancy!

But if Italian isn't your thing, then why don't you try a Greek inspired Meze Platter, using  Barrel Aged Greek Feta from Unearthed as a centre piece. Or maybe Spanish style Tapas utilising their Spanish Potato Omelette and Spanish Chorizo. The choices are endless, the important thing is to make sure the products you use are top quality. 

If you'd like to have a go, you can buy Unearthed products in Waitrose stores nationwide in the UK and from Ocado online.
Beth Sachs
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  1. I had some of their goodies before xmas and really enjoyed them, especially the little omelette thingy, made a great breakfast!

  2. I had some of their goodies before xmas and really enjoyed them, especially the little omelette thingy, made a great breakfast!

  3. Looks nice and easy!!! I will have to make this earlier than the Valentine's Day coz my lover is going to Tpe WITHOUT me! Haha

  4. I like the look of the Barrel Aged Feta Cheese and might try this sometime in the future. Unearthed products are in my local Waitrose too.

  5. Italian antipasti or Greek meze...hard choice there.

  6. Love the pictures and all! look awesome and tasty!

  7. I love snacking like that!

  8. ooo delicious, lucky you, lovely presentation. Lucie

  9. I really liked the unearthed stuff too, it's the perfect thing to make a platter with. Did you get any of the mini chorizos?

  10. Hi Sam - didn't get the Chorizo but had my eye on it in waitrose!

  11. Your Antipasti platter looks delicious! For Specialty Italian meats, I would suggest trying Volpi Foods! I am a marketer for them and have tried a lot of their products. They have some of the best salami I have ever had. Try and check out their website so you can see all the products for yourself.


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