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Homemade Chocolates (Choc Chick Kit)

Homemade Chocolates

One day last week I was taking my frustrations out on Twitter - just the usual things - the kids were misbehaving, it was raining, I was STILL feeling ill, when suddenly I received a tweet from @gochocchick who told me to check my emails.

I logged on and found a lovely email from Galia, the owner of Choc Chick, a website which sells raw chocolate making kits and ingredients, telling me she would like to brighten my day by sending me their Raw Chocolate Starter Kit to try. How nice of her!

It arrived 2 days later and on Saturday morning, Lowen and I set about making some handmade chocolates. The process couldn't be simpler (the kit comes with instructions) and took less than 10 minutes. I decided to quarter fill 12 silicone cupcake moulds to make some round after dinner chocolates. They take 2 hours to set but are well worth the wait (although I've since been told you can put them in the freezer for 15 minutes) - the finished chocolates are smooth, dark and rich - oh and healthy too (raw chocolate is considered a superfood).

The kits would make an ideal birthday present, or even a Valentines present for your chocolate loving partner.
Beth Sachs
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  1. Awe, isn't that lovely! Looks like great produce, very exciting ;0)

  2. What fun! Hope you are finally feeling better.

  3. *Jealous*

    Looks like tons of fun :)

  4. what's the difference between raw choc and other choc?

  5. Hi Kate. Have a look here

  6. Superfoods, you say? Does that mean I can eat my body weight in raw chocolate and not feel bad about it? hee hee looks delicious!

  7. This is a great gift idea...especially with Valentine's day coming up!

  8. I've just received a kit too and am looking forward to trying it out. Last time I tried making raw chocolates it all separated out.


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