Jimini's Edible Insects and Protein Bars: Review and Giveaway

Jimini's Edible Insects and Protein Bars

I'll be honest, I had to have a bit of dutch courage to try these! I've always hated watching the 'I'm a Celebrity' eating challenges on t.v so when faced with a real life mealworm, even with a coating of garlic and herbs, I was a bit hesitant (that's putting it mildly)! The glass of wine did the trick on the courage front though and I cautiously put the first one in my mouth, much to the delight of my kids! After a few measured chews I swallowed. 'Hmm not that bad' I thought. After a few more worms I began to quite enjoy the taste and found them strangely moreish. Perhaps a drinks nibble of the future? The grasshoppers on the other hand are still in their box.....I'm waiting for my next glass of wine to try those!

I bet you're thinking what kind of person would want to develop edible insect products....well, these guys did and they're doing rather well from it.....

About Jimini's

Jimini's was launched in 2012 by two French entrepreneurs who were inspired by the very programme that makes me squirm in my seat - I'm a Celebrity! They wanted to highlight the health and environmental benefits of eating insects and made it their mission to integrate insects into the diets of Europeans. Newly introduced to the UK they are currently stocked in Fortnum and Mason's, Selfridges and Partridges

Jimini's edible insects come in three varieties currently; Mealworms are available in garlic and herb flavour, sesame and cumin flavour or imperial soy flavour. Grasshoppers on the other hand are available in pepper and dried tomato, greek spices, fruity curry or paprika flavours.... and you can get crickets flavoured with either smoked onion BBQ or sweet mango!

Jimini's Edible Insects and Protein Bars

If you don't fancy seeing the insects you're eating though, you might want to try their Dried Fruit and Almond Bars instead. Made with high protein cricket flour, they come in four flavours;
Banana and Chocolate
Apricot, Gogi and Chia
Apple and Cinammon
Dark Chocolate and Fig

I tried the Apple and Cinnamon Bar today and it certainly filled a hole mid morning and kept me feeling full until lunch time. It was lovely and fruity and you wouldn't have known anything about the cricket flour if you hadn't read the packet. I'm going to stash the other bars in my desk drawer at work....for emergency munchie situations.

To celebrate the launch of Jimini's in the UK, they have kindly offered a selection of their edible insect products to one Jam and Clotted Cream reader. To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter widget below (UK entrants only please)

....oh and watch this space for an edible worm pizza for Halloween - I'm looking forward to the kid's faces when I present that for tea!

*Rafflecopter Widget Removed - Competition Closed*

Disclosure: I was sent a variety of Jimini's products to sample. All thoughts are my own
Beth Sachs (Jam & Clotted Cream)


  1. dark choc and fig... I've ate bugs before they have a nutty taste

  2. I'd be willing to try the herb and garlic mealworms, but I have to admit that the bars, particularly the chocolate and fig, seem more appealing!

  3. BBQ Crickets sound interesting!


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