The Search Is On For Britain's Most Fruitful Family


Family time is precious, we all know that, but with parents often exhausted at the end of a working day and children focused on gadgets we forget to spend just five minutes together.  Nature’s Finest is on a mission to find and champion families who use simple solutions or life hacks to ensure time is spent together, through the campaign ‘Britain’s Most Fruitful Family’.
The campaign is being run on their Facebook page and is asking families to send in the life hacks that help them to spend more time together as a family, encouraging others to try the same and embrace a fruit-ful lifestyle.
The campaign will run from 24th October through to the 28th November and the winning family with the best life hack will receive £1,000 worth of Sainsbury’s vouchers – ideal just before Christmas when food shopping bills get bigger! Make sure you pop along to their facebook page to enter but before you do, let me tell you about my top 5 fruit-ful life hacks.

Top 5 Fruit-ful Life Hacks
1. Changing my working hours so I can spend more time at home. Having recently returned to work from Maternity Leave I've gone from working 30 hours over 4 days to 30 hours over 5. I now get to drop the kids off at school in the morning and pick them up again at the end of the day... and I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! No more rushed breakfasts trying to get 3 kids in the car to drop at my Mum and Dads for 7am. I think they appreciate this new arrangement too. So my advice to any struggling parent is to rethink your working hours and take advantage of flexi time if you're able. This one step alone makes a huge difference to our family life. I've also applied the same rules to my blog work too. No longer do I try and cook tea, write a blog post and chase children round the house all at the same time. Blogging is done after the kids have gone to bed so I can focus 100% on the children before bed time and 100% on my blog after that. The only person that seems to miss out here is hubby, but I think he understands!
2. Sitting down and eating together at least once a day. It might be breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on what sporting activities the kids are up to but every day we sit down as a family. We talk, sometimes argue (usually about football!) but most importantly we're together!
3. Cooking with the kids. I try and link our family cooking endeavours to special events, so this summer during the Rio Olympics we made a traditional Brazilian dessert - Pudim de Leite De Condensado. It gave the kids a chance to try something new and feel a sense of accomplishment in what they'd made. Topped with some of Nature's Finest chopped Mango in coconut water it was very yummy indeed and meant we spent precious time all together in the kitchen.

4. Beach time. We love going to the beach in the winter. The tourists are few and far between and we have vast expanses of sand and ocean to play in. Even if it's a quick after school walk before it gets too dark, it gets us out in the fresh air and blows away the cobwebs. We're very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!
5. Me time. I'm a much more patient and calm mummy, who the kids actually WANT to spend time with, when I've managed to enjoy a bit of me time. A bit difficult when I work 30 hours a week, run a blog, have a house, garden, 3 kids, hubby and 2 Guinea pigs to look after, but I am working on it. Even a nice long hot bath with a glass of wine and the woman's hour podcast turns me into a new woman (apart from when you're enjoying it so much you forget to pick your daughter up from hockey practice). These little snippets of calm in an otherwise chaotically busy life really help me focus on what I've got to do and when I've got to do it.

So, now it's over to you. What are your top hacks for spending more time with your family?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Natures Finest. I received samples and payment in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own.
Beth Sachs (Jam & Clotted Cream)

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  1. Having dinner together is a really lovely thing to do. We always try to as well. I bake a lot with the kids and we love going out on the bikes together - stopping for a sneaky ice-cream along the way :)


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