Meal Plan 3rd - 9th October 2016


It’s been a busy sporting weekend here with football matches for the boys and netball matches for the girls. We’re also massive golf fans in this house so we’ve been eagerly following the Ryder Cup at all times via radio and T.V. I think it will be a very late one tonight....

On the cooking front I worked on three recipes for clients yesterday and managed to get them photographed before it got too dark. In the winter I have to do all of my food photography by lunchtime, which isn’t always practical (especially when you work full time), so I’m thinking about investing in a proper lighting system. I might need to save up a bit first though - I got one almighty shock when I saw the prices!

I managed to squeeze in a bit of the usual weekend baking too. Fairy cakes (only 2 left mind you), choc chip cookies and another Apple and Custard Buttercream Loaf have been churned out of the oven, and I’ve currently got some cheese and ham pinwheels proving on the side under a tea towel. I’ll blog the pinwheel recipe soon as they are perfect for popping into lunchboxes and taking on picnics.

Anyway on to this weeks meal plan at Jam and Cream HQ - what's on your meal plans this week? Do you bother meal planning at all?

Monday 3rd October
Mild and Fruity Sausage Curry with Rice

Tuesday 4th October
Slow Cooked Mince with corn tortilla chips

Wednesday 5th October
Quesadilla's with Sweet Potato Wedges

Thursday 6th October
Creamy Cider Chicken

Friday 7th October
Ham and Brie Panini's, Coleslaw and Salad

Saturday 8th October
Sticky Glazed Salmon, Rice and Broccoli

Sunday 9th October
Creamy Tortellini Soup with Homemade Bread
Beth Sachs (Jam & Clotted Cream)


  1. It sounds like you have lots of yummy meals to enjoy this week. I always meal plan but often end up switching meas around x

  2. Ham and Brie panini sounds amazing!! We did meal prep on sunday and one of the fav's is the pesto turkey and rice we did :)

  3. Quesdellias with sweet potato wedges sounds so good. The fruity casserole sounds rather tasty too.

  4. Wow yummy meals have been planned, very good. I need a meal plan.

  5. Ooh, that sounds like a fabulous weeks' food! I really need to get my act together and start doing this because I literally loath thinking of what to make every day. Also had a chuckle about taking photos - I take all mine outside and also had the same thought about having to take them all during the day, which usually means no evening dinner recipes until spring! :)

  6. I really like the sound of your meal plan! The mild and fruity curry definetly stands out to me. And the Creamy cider chicken sounds delicious!

    Jordanne ||

  7. The chicken & the salmon sound amazing! I meal plan every week, it keeps us focused on our healthy eating & saves money on the weekly shop

  8. I love seeing what others plan for the week. You've given me some great ideas for next week, thank you.

  9. I've recently transitioned to a veggie diet but your meal plan sounds so yummy. I might try some with meat free alternatives


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