Stokes Real Mayonnaise + Win a Foodie Trip to Greece

Stokes Sauces Real Mayo
Stokes like their food simple, good and delicious and they make their sauces that way too. Unique recipes prepared in small batches with top quality ingredients. Like Tomato Ketchup made with juicy Italian tomatoes, creamy Real Mayonnaise made with extra virgin olive oil and free range eggs, and a traditional British Brown Sauce built on a healthy splash of real date puree.

Founded in 2004 by Rick Sheepshanks, today Stokes Sauces employs over 40 people producing over 75 different lines, all hand produced to carefully created and closely guarded recipes in their Suffolk "Saucery".  

Mayonnaise was the first of the Stokes product range that Rick decided to perfect because other mayonnaise's just didn't deliver the quality he sought. "With a mere handful of simple ingredients to deal with, why do people get it so wrong."

Ingredients. That's it! There are so few, if the quality of just one fails, the whole thing fails.

Start with the eggs. Stokes found a producer farming high Welfare Standard British Free Range hens whose eggs are perfect and can be delivered to meet their strict regime of hygiene and quality.

Dijon Mustard - even easier ... they make our own (which is pretty darn good judging by the quality of the mayo).

Salt - after much testing of many varieties of salt, they decided that only the best would do. So, without compromise, they import salt from the Dead Sea which is natural, full of flavour yet without the harmful effects of sodium.

Finally the oil - a story in itself.....

The majority of the oil they use is British, from British Oil Seed Rape, which paints the fields with a glorious sunshine yellow in May and June. Great though this is, Rick felt on its own it wasn't enough. It made a really good mayonnaise ... just not a great one. They needed to add extra virgin olive oil (or EVOO) to make it great. Another huge challenge because there are so many of them. Spanish? Italian? Greek? And within all of these - which?

Which olives? Which island? Which hillside? Which producer?

They quickly decided on Greece, tried over 30 different EVOOs in hundreds of different ratio permutations of extra virgin to rapeseed oil. Eventually, they got it right and then quite literally stumbled on the producer in Crete who gave it just that edge. 3,000 years of history and its abundance on the hillsides of Crete can't be wrong - and nor were they.

Adding 5% Cretan Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil to the mayonnaise made it good enough to call it Stokes Real Mayonnaise.

And so Stokes Real Mayo was born...and it's just like homemade (in fact it's even better)!

Stokes Sauces


The Greeks consider the koroneiki olive to be the “queen of olives”. Although not good for snacking due to their bitterness, they produce a lush, velvety, dark green oil with a satisfyingly smooth flavour. Once the Stokes team had tried Greek extra virgin koroneiki olive oil in their recipe, nothing else would do.
As an added bonus, the koroneiki olive trees are incredibly beautiful. They have two-tone leaves - light and dark green - and one tree can produce both green and purple olives simultaneously. A grove of koroneiki olive trees with a breeze rippling through them is a truly stunning sight.
If you would like to see these trees for yourself, and to find out exactly how special the extra virgin olive oil is, just enter Stokes Sauces simple competition. The first prize is a three day trip for two foodies to Crete, including a personal guided tour to a koroneiki olive grove. There are also ten runners-up prizes of luxury Stokes hampers.

Stokes Sauces
It's not just about the mayo at Stokes Sauces though! They have an amazing range of other ketchups and sauces including 5 types of ketchup (the curry ketchup sound's amazing), 3 varieties of BBQ sauce, a sweet chilli sauce, salad dressings galore, traditional condiments such as cranberry sauce and redcurrant jelly as well as an abundance of relishes and pickles.

The good news is they are now available at Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Ocado, Booths and all good independent stores, farm shops and deli's. Their products can also be ordered directly from their website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a hamper of Stokes Sauces and was compensated for writing this post. All thoughts are my own.
Beth Sachs (Jam & Clotted Cream)

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