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Cheddar and Beer Bread Rolls

Well, we are back from a lovely week in Egypt (barring the flight home in which 2 year old was a nightmare) and I'm itching to get back into the kitchen having been fed and watered by other people for the last 7 days. Just before I went away I was lucky enough to be sent some local Cornish ales from award winning Driftwood Spars Micro Brewery in St Agnes. Landlady Louise Treseder is passionate about real ales and tries to encourage women to enjoy beer as a natural product with interesting flavours - no encouragement needed from this end! Not content with just drinking the ales I set about making some beer bread rolls using the Badlands Bitter. The recipe I used was from Jac's blog Tinned Tomatoes , although I made a few tweeks. They turned out lovely and malty, perfect with my Sweet Potato, Carrot and Coconut Soup . print recipe Cheddar and Beer Bread Rolls by Beth Sachs February-23-2012 Lovely with soup Ingredients 3 cups Plain Flour 1 TBSP

Sweet and Sour Chicken

My kids favourite meal from the Chinese takeaway is in their own words 'Chicken Balls and Sauce' aka Sweet and Sour Chicken. So, I thought I'd try and recreate a version at home, without all the additives, preservatives, excess salt and MSG that you find in proper takeaway versions. Despite my house smelling a bit 'deep fried' for a few hours it was most definitely worth it. The chicken turned out crispy and crunchy and the sauce was as good as any from a takeaway. print recipe Sweet and Sour Chicken by Beth Sachs February-10-2012 Better than any takeaway Ingredients 100ml Soda Water, chilled 100ml Cold Water 140g Self Raising Flour 1 TSP Salt 25g Cornflour, to coat chicken 4 Skinless Chicken breasts, cut into large pieces 2 Spring Onions, to serve For the sauce 1 Red Pepper, chopped 1 Red Chilli, chopped 400g Tin Pineapple Chunks, including juice 50g Tamarind paste 100g Caster Sugar 100ml Rice Win