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American Style Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Pancakes aren't something I get to make very often for breakfast due to rushing out the door at 7am on a weekday. As it is half term though and with both the kids and I at home I thought I would give them a treat. I seem to forget how quick and easy Pancakes are to actually make and you could probably make up the batter the night before and leave it to sit in the fridge overnight before cooking the pancakes in the morning. Pancakes also freeze surprisingly well too. Just cook them and leave to cool before  placing between pieces of baking paper and freezing. When you fancy some pancakes pull them out and warm up in the microwave. I made a double batch and have frozen some for a wet and wintry weekend breakfast! I tend not to put fruit in mine and instead serve them with sliced banana's on top but a couple of handfuls of blueberries or raspberries in the batter would work well here. Maple syrup is a must and I always like some crispy bacon rashers on mine...but the kids

Spiderweb Millionaire's Shortbread for Halloween

I saw Ruth make these a few days ago over on her blog The Pink Whisk and thought they would be a good half term Halloween bake for a rainy day....and today has definitely been rainy....and windy! Millionaires Shortbread used to be a favourite of mine when I was younger and if Mum was making them for a special event or bake sale she would cut off long strips in the baking tin and let my brother and I eat the offcuts...if she didn't get there first! I used silicone cupcake cases as Ruth suggests as they keep their shape better. Once the chocolate layer has set, just peel off the silicone cases and store in a cool dry place. For a more in depth photo tutorial on how to make these then please see Ruths blog. Below is the basic recipe and method. Spider Web Millionaires Shortbread Halloween Baking Yield: 12 Author: Beth Sachs Print Recipe With Image Without Image Spider Web Millionaires Shortbread Spiderweb Millionaire's Shortbread for Halloween prep time: 30 mins cook tim

Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake

Sometimes the simple things are the best and this cake is so easy to make. Its lovely and moist and if you use really good quality cocoa and vanilla bean paste it tastes fab. There is no faffing with icing or glazes and because of this it makes an ideal lunchbox cake as there is no sticky mess to deal with afterwards! Chocolate Marble Cake Cake, Baking Baking Yield: 10 Slices Author: Beth Sachs Print Recipe With Image Without Image Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake An easy chocolate and vanilla marble cake prep time: 10 mins cook time: 45 mins total time: 55 mins ingredients: 225g  Butter, softened 225g  Caster Sugar 4  Eggs 225g  Plain Flour 2 TSP  Baking Powder 50ml  Milk 1 TSP  Vanilla Paste 50g  Cocoa Powder, sifted instructions Step 1: Preheat oven to 180°c and grease a 20cm springform tin. Step 2: Cream butter in a bowl and add sugar until mixture is light and fluffy. Step 3: Whisk eggs and gradually add to butter mixture, beating