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Meal Plan 1st October 2012 - 7th October 2012

The coming weeks meal plan for the Jam and Clotted Cream household. What is everyone else having?

Monday 1st October
Macaroni Cheese Nigella Stylee

Tuesday 2nd October
Curried Mince and Peas with Rice

Wednesday 3rd October
Chorizo and Pea Risotto

Thursday 4th October
Spaghetti Bolognese

Friday 5th October
Roasted Pumpkin Frittata and Chips

Saturday 6th October
Scallops with Chorizo for me, Burgers for the hubby and kids!

Sunday 7th October
Roast of some description

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Meal Plan 17th - 23rd September 2012

Apologies for lack of meal plan blog posts these last few weeks....I was in fact very organised and did have a meal plan but just didn't have time to post it!

On Wednesday hubby and I are off to see John Bishop at Plymouth Pavillions so I'm looking for some good restaurant suggestions if anyone has any.

Monday 17th September
Tomato and Chorizo Pasta Bake

Tuesday 18th September
BBQ Sausages and Beans with Green Veg

Wednesday 19th September
In Plymouth to see John Bishop

Thursday 20th September
Homemade Pizza

Friday 21st September
Chilli Con Carne

Saturday 22nd September
Leftover Chilli Pasta Bake

Sunday 23rd September
Family Meal

Courgette, Herb and Rice Filo Pie & Nigella!

I've been AWOL - sorry! Its not that I haven't been cooking, I have, but with everyone going back to school/nursery and me going back to work after the holidays I just haven't had any spare time to blog. We are back into the groove now though so I promise to have some new recipes (and competitions) on the blog for you shortly, I suspect with Nigellissima inspiration. Well, I couldn't have an incomplete Nigella cookbook collection could I.....

The recipe here is not a Nigella recipe, but instead has it's origins at River Cottage. I've tinkered as usual and varied the herbs that Hugh used. It's filling, hearty and hubby didn't even notice the lack of flesh!

print recipe

Courgette, Herb and Filo Rice Pie by Beth Sachs September-14-2012 A hearty vegetarian lunch dish Ingredients 500g Courgettes, grated75g Long grain rice1 small Red Onion, chopped100g Mature Cheddar, grated2 Egss, beaten2 TBSP Olive OilHandful Flat leaf parsley, choppedSmall handful …