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Let’s taste the Royal drink- a perfect Cuppa

Tea has become the most quintessential part in British beverage. It is just not about a drink rather it is a great tradition in Britain to take a cup of tea to gratify the moment of charm. We must express our gratitude to the Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung, who introduced the elegant taste of tea leaves to the world around 3000 years back and noted the herbal qualities of tea leaves. Therefore, though tea is a typical British drink but it has its root to the ancient China. It was 17th century, when the Great Britain first came to know about tea and it gradually has become the essential part of the Royal habits in Britain.

British people do not forget to offer a cup of tea whenever a guest visits their place and they believe that only a perfect cup of tea can enhance the mood. Therefore, tea captures most part of British drinking habits. There are various forms of tea available such as black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea and milk tea etc. We should not compromise the quality in order to taste the Royal British tradition.

We must follow some rules to make a perfect cup of British tea.

·    Selection of quality tea is the primary and prime key to taste the perfect aroma. Either it may be loose leaves or tea bags but it must be quality British tea and should be stored in air tight container. Good brand obviously plays the main role. Tea leaves from Starbucks store, we prefer.

·    Loose tea leaves always beat the tea bags in the championship of refreshing aroma but ultimately the brewing process tells the truth.

·    We must use fresh water and should not boil the water more than once. If it passes through more than one boiling process, it loses its quality and thus it will be unable to extract the essence from the tea leaves. Water must be hot at the moment of brewing. It is recommended to wash the cup with warm water before pouring the hot water into it.

·   Measurement of tea leaves is another key factor. Using too much or too less of leaves will harm its quality. 1 teabag or 1teaspoon of tea leaves for one cup is perfect.

·   Give the appropriate time to let it brew nicely. 2-5 minutes will serve the result. Too much brewing time will spoil the taste and will make it bitter.

·   Milk comes at the last and it must be fresh, cold milk. Before pouring the milk you should take the bag or leaves out of the cup. You may use sieve. Milk does not have the role to enhance the aroma; rather it is mixed to bring the traditional royal colour of tea i.e. tan. 2 teaspoons of fresh milk create the perfect combination with 8oz cup tea.

·    If it is the time to add sugar, then it should be added according to the personal taste and must be introduced at the climax of making the tea.

Other important points:
·    Other than the tea leaves or teabags, anticipation with the proper utensils serves the best result. A complete tea set is essential to make the cuppa. VoucherBin ( arrays a number of first grade British companies that offer quality tea sets with discounts.

·  When the water starts boiling, keep it boiling for 5-6 seconds and then remove from heat.

·  Remove the teabag from the cup before kissing the cup.

·  Do not leave the sugar spoon into sugar container just after stirring tea.

·  Always use semi-skimmed milk.

· After finishing the royal treat, do not forget to wash the cups immediately.

· You may reheat cuppa to taste it hot again but believe me, it will not serve the same result as you expect because once you reheat it lacks its quality.

​Making His Valentine’s Day With the Perfect Gift

Valentine’s Day is approaching! It’s the perfect time to show the special man in your life just how much you care. However, finding the perfect present for the man who seems to already have everything can be tricky. Here are a few ideas to get you started.
Hampers for Him
Specially prepared hampers for him take the pressure out of shopping and these hampers are packed with decadent treats that your partner is sure to love. There’s a wide range of hampers for him available from Thorntons, complete with tasty chocolates. One of the best things about giving your partner a hamper is that you’ll have all the ingredients for the ideal afternoon for two in the park.

Romantic city break
Take your partner on a trip that he’ll never forget this Valentine’s Day. Booking a break in a romantic city such as Paris or Florence is simple and can include all inclusive packages which include flights, accommodation and additional extras such as city tours. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy some real quality time with your partner while making memories in your chosen romantic city. Of course, if you prefer you can splash out on a luxurious hotel room closer to home and indulge in the room service. No matter what type of trip you choose, your partner will appreciate the thought and the chance to spend time alone with you on this romantic day.
Hot air balloon breakfast
This is another gift idea that couples can enjoy together. The experience starts at dawn as you head to the countryside to enjoy a champagne breakfast while watching the sun rise. With your head full of bubbles, you and your partner can then climb into a hot air balloon to soar over the treetops and take in views of the countryside far below you. People who book this experience trip can arrange a wide range of extras to make the trip truly special and you can finish by heading to a local pub to enjoy lunch while sitting beside the fire and gazing into each other’s eyes.
Take on board any of these ideas and you have it all made for a glorious Valentine’s Day. You can sweep him off his feet all over again.
Image by luis perez, used under Creative Commons licence.