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Meal Plan 19th January - 25th January 2015

It's about time I got back to posting my meal plans. With 11 weeks until baby #3 is due I'm conscious I need to get organised. As well as starting to make meals for the freezer I've also started a major decluttering of the house using the KonMarie method. If you haven't heard about it have a google. It is AMAZING, if a little bonkers in places.

In other news I'm due to start Maternity Leave in 6 weeks so have been reigning in the finances in preparation. I've managed to get our weekly food shop down to between £40-£45 which I'm pretty happy about. Obviously this will go up when baby arrives as nappies are not cheap! I'm tempted to give reusable ones a go but worried about the faff.

Here is this weeks meal plan....

Monday 19th January
Leftover Roast Chicken and Mushroom Penne

Tuesday 20th January
Oven Baked Risotto

Wednesday 21st January
Tuna Melt Baguettes with Salad

Thursday 22nd January
Fish Fingers, Jacket Potatoes and Peas

Friday 23rd January
Quick C…