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Blog Archive

My Wedding Cake ~ 12 Days of Christmas

Hubby and I got married on the 29th December (2007) so we decided to theme the wedding around 'The 12 days of Christmas'. Can you spot the deliberate mistake on the cake?

Beth Sachs
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  1. Congratulations on starting your own blog. I love the name you chose, I hope you treat us to the occasional Cornish specialty.

    The photo of your wedding cake is stunning and I love how original and creative it is and all the little figures have their own character. Never seen one like it before.

  2. WOW! That is a beautiful cake! What a lovely job your Mother in Law did on it! I can expect that she is well in demand for her cake decorating skills! Congrats too on starting your own blog! You will soon find it's quite addictive!

  3. Oh Beth - what a stunning cake that it. It totally puts mine to shame! Of course you are not being cheeky in asking me to have look at your blog - I love visiting other people's blogs. The cake is just simply beautiful - did you know what it was going to be like or what is a surprise on the day? I can't seem to spot a mistake - I was wondering about the calling birds, but as I wondered our peacocks outside started up and I realised how clever your mum has been. Perhaps there are more than 6 lots of golden eggs for the geese??? Just love the stilletos for ladies dancing. Does your mum teach sugar craft lessons - I would love her to teach me!!!
    Good luck with the new blog - it looks lovely

  4. Sorry meant to write mother in law, not your mum!

  5. Beth, welcome to the blogger world. Came accross your blog from Hannah's blog. The cake is beautiful. I bet your mother in law is in high demand.....she might even get some more offers from your blog....wouldn't it be great if Hannah and your mother in law would partner up ;-)

  6. Hi Everyone

    Thank-you for all your kind comments re Cake - I'll certainly pass them on to MIL! She's never been trained in sugar craft, she's just very artistic. To be honest she does it as a hobby really, mainly for people in our village. Her talent is wasted don't you think!!

  7. Hannah, the mistake is at the bottom of the cake. We accidently did 12 Lords are leaping instead of 12 drummers drumming!

  8. A highly impressive cake! Good luck with the Blog.


  9. wow! thats definitely one of the most beautiful and original wedding cakes i have ever seen!

  10. How fancy is that?!! That cake is amazing!

  11. I love the cake. It's amazing. The top tier is just beautiful. What a fantastic idea.


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