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Apple Cake

Apple Cake

I have SO. MANY. APPLES to use. A whole heap (3kg) went into some Spicy Apple Chutney I made last week - which I will blog soon, I also made some Bramley Apple Compote and 3 Apple Crumbles for the freezer... then just when I thought I'd broken the back of the pile, my neighbour bought round another bag full. These weren't bramleys though, but were too sharp to eat (judging by my 2 year old's face when he bit into one) so I thought I could use them in a cake.

The cake is lovely and moist with a light texture thanks to the long whisking of the eggs and sugar at the beginning of the recipe. You could vary it by trying pears instead of apples, perhaps with some cardamom! Mmmm Pear and Cardamom Cake....going to have to try that one soon!


| Serves: 12 squares | Prep Time: 15 Minutes | Cook Time: 35 Minutes | Total Time: 50 Minutes |


  • 2 large Eggs
  • 175g Golden Caster Sugar
  • 1 TSP Vanilla Extract
  • 85g Butter
  • 75ml Milk
  • 125g Plain Flour
  • 1 TSP Ground Cinnamon
  • 2 TSP Baking Powder
  • 3 Apples, Peeled, Cored and Sliced
  • 1 TBSP Demerera Sugar


  • Step 1: Preheat oven to 200c and line the base of a 20cm x 20cm tin.
  • Step 2: Whisk the eggs, sugar and vanilla extract for 5 minutes with an electric whisk.
  • Step 3: Melt the butter with the milk then pour into the eggs, continue to whisk. Sieve in the flour, cinnamon and baking powder and fold into the mixture.
  • Step 4: Pour mixture into tin and smooth surface. Place the sliced apples on top then sprinkle over the demerera sugar and bake for 10 minutes at 200c. After 10 minutes turn down the oven to 180c and bake for a further 25 minutes.
  • Step 5: Leave to cool in tin then cut into squares.

| Author: Beth Sachs | Date: 19th September 2011 |

Beth Sachs
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  1. MMm - sounds good. We have more pears at the moment, so I might try this with pears although perhaps a chocolate versions?!

  2. Looks delicious! I love apple cake :) I was already planning on having an apple baking session soon after seeing this month's delicious magazine and a toffee apple bar recipe I found on another blog so I think I'll add this to the agenda as well!

  3. There are lot of recepies for apples in the blogsphere at the moment.And for apple lovers paradise;))

  4. I have a huge bag to use up too so am pleased to find another great-looking recipe. Yum!

  5. Oh yes, cardamom would be a great addition!

  6. Apples are making the rounds and I am loving every moment!!

  7. I love apples ... and cakes!!! So this sounds like my kind of baking ;0)

  8. I love apples and I LOVE apple cake ~ that looks amazing.....I have a stack of windfalls to get through still, so maybe an apple cake is on the menu!

  9. Well you can't have too many apples!!!! Cake looks delicious. I also made chutney, a load of apple puree and numerous apple bakes.

  10. I've just had my first neighbour delivery of apples! We only planted our trees this year, but hoping for donations. Your cake looks like a great way to use them up.

  11. Why haven't I got lots of neighbours bringing me apples?? This looks delicious, though I do like the sound of pear and cardamon too. Thanks Beth, good recipe to share.

  12. Looks delicious - do try the Pear and Cardamom mixture. I made one last week and it was delicious. Recipe coming eventually...
    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  13. Looks delicious - do try the Pear and Cardamom mixture. I made one last week and it was delicious. Recipe coming eventually...
    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  14. Would you believe it - I've just got another bag

  15. Heaven - isn't the smell of an apple and cinnamon cake baking just the best reason for making a cake ever?

  16. Just made this today after searching for something different to do with my apples other than a crumble. It's very yummy and I can't see it lasting for very long in our house. I've been looking at the rest of your blog and there's some really nice sounding recipes and I can't wait to try out more.


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