Mincemeat Crumble Slices

These mincemeat crumble slices take the flavours we love in traditional mince pies and package them into a convenient, individually portioned handheld bar. As easy grab-and-go treats, they make a wonderful alternative to regular baked mince pies for festive entertaining.

Mincemeat Crumble Slices in tin

As the slices bake, your house will be filled with the warm aromas of Christmas spices and once cooled, these handheld desserts are perfect for enjoying either with a cup of tea or coffee by the fireplace. 

Mincemeat Crumble Slices

What is mincemeat?

Originally mincemeat contained meat, although these days contains a mixture of dried fruit like currants and raisins, a spirit like brandy, spices such as cinnamon and mixed spice and beef suet (although you can make vegetarian mincement with vegetable shortening instead).


Mincemeat in a traybake

You can make the crumble base and topping really quickly in a food processor, but I prefer to rub in the butter and flour by hand.

Half the crumble mixture is pressed into the tin, then you spread on the mincemeat, before sprinkling the remaining crumble on the top.

Slice of mincemeat crumble

Once cooked and cooled, pop the whole tin in the fridge overnight to firm up, before cutting into large squares.

A dollop of clotted cream on top is lovely, or you could reheat slices in the microwave and serve it as a warm pudding with custard.

Mincemeat Crumble Slices


  • Self Raising Flour
  • Butter
  • Light Muscavado Sugar
  • Mixed Spice
  • Mincemeat

fesrive mincemeat crumble slices

Top tips for making the crumble slices

Add some extra fruit into the mincemeat for added flavour - dried cranberries would be nice.

Stir some chopped nuts into the crumble mixture for added texture and taste.

Make sure the butter is cold when you rub it into the flour.

step by step mincemeat crumble slices

How to make mince pie slices

Step 1: Weigh out the flour in a large mixing bowl and cut the cold butter into cubes.

Flour and butter

Step 2: Rub in the butter and flour until you get breadcrumbs form.

Flour and butter in mixing bowl

Step 3: Stir the light brown sugar (you could use caster sugar if you prefer) into the breadcrumb mix.

Mix sugar into crumble

Step 4: Press half of the mixture into a lined tin and press down firmly with the back of a spoon.

Crumble in tin

Step 5: Spread a 400g jar of mincemeat over the base.

Spreading mincemeat onto crumble base

Step 6: Now spread over the other half of the crumble base and lightly press down. Bake in a preheated oven for 30-35 minutes.

Mincemeat crumble slice ready for the oven

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Mincemeat Crumble Slices

Leave the crumble slices to cool before cutting into slices. They can be frozen at this stage if you don't need them straight away.

A dusting of icing sugar before serving is a nice finishing touch!

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These sweet and moreish apple crumble bars are a great way of using up Bramley apples from your tree. A few tablespoons of mincemeat mixed into the apples, would take it to the next level of yumminess. 

Mincemeat Crumble Slices out of the oven

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Want to give these mincemeat crumble slices a try? 



  1. These look so delicious! What a great alternative to mince pies. I totally agree about doing the crumble mix by hand - I think it makes for a better crumble!! :-)

  2. Made these, served hot with custard for a pudding for those who don’t like Christmas Pudding then finished off cold over the Holidays.
    Tastes Beaut!

  3. I made this as an alternative for those of us that don’t like Christmas Pudding and it was Beautiful. Finished it off cold on Boxing Day.

  4. Going to make this! Just one question. You have listed in the ingredients "1 tsp mixed spices". What spices is that? A mix you have made? I will add nutmeg and cinnamon for now.

    1. Hi Kelly. You can buy mixed spice in the UK. It's a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove. Hope that helps

  5. Fantastic recipe. So easy and quick to make. No fiddly rolling out and freeze really well. Won’t make any other mincemeat recipe now

  6. Delicious. A lovely change to pastry.