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BUY A COW.UK Meat Box Review

We're pretty big meat eaters in this house (especially hubby and my eldest daughter), but over recent years I've become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of eating meat and have tried to reduce the amount we consume and make sure what we do eat is raised in a sustainable way. When possible I try to shop at my local butchers who stock meat from local Cornish farms, but this isn't always easy living in a very rural location, with a full time job, 3 kids to look after and a busy house to run. Consequently, I often end up buying meat from the supermarket as part of my fortnightly online grocery shop. When Buyacow contacted me to see if I'd like to try out one of their premium beef boxes,  I was intrigued by their concept of ' crowdbutching ' and how this could ensure a more sustainable way of consuming meat. ABOUT BUY A COW.UK In a nutshell connects you to local, ethical farmers (you can read all about the farmers on their webs

Blackberry Cakes

Easy Blackberry cakes made with foraged blackberries. A yummy, frugal bake for the cake tin!

Dark Chocolate Orange Brownies

Indulgent dark chocolate orange brownies using Terry's Chocolate Orange. The perfect combination of a crisp top and gooey middle.