Scone Pizza

Want a homemade pizza but you've run out of bread flour and yeast? Not a problem with this scone pizza, which utilises a scone base made with self raising flour, rather than traditional yeasted pizza dough.

scone pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella

Scone base pizza

We love homemade pizza in this house, and making them just got a whole lot easier with this quick and easy scone pizza

Made with self raising flour, there's no need to prove the pizza 'dough' as it is yeast free. That means you can be enjoying delicious homemade pizza within 30 minutes.

It's a great recipe for the kids to get involved with too. They love mixing the scone dough and choosing their toppings for the pizza.

yeast free scone pizza

Ingredients for scone pizza

To make the scone pizza base, all you need is butter, milk and self raising flour. 

If you only have plain flour, you can make your own homemade self raising flour by mixing 2tsp of baking powder with 150g plain flour. Store the flour in a clean dry container with a secure lid.

Scone pizza finished with basil leaves


The only equipment you need for this scone pizza recipe is a bowl for mixing the dough, and a rolling pin. For a simple tomato and mozzarella topping, a chopping board and grater will also be useful.

Slice of scone pizza

Step by step instructions

Step 1: Rub 25g cold cubed butter into 125g self raising flour, with a pinch of salt added.

Flour and Butter

Step 2: When breadcrumbs form, it's time to add the milk.

Rubbing in butter and flour

Step 3: Mix the 4 TBSP milk in with a metal knife, then start to bring the dough together with your hands.

Adding milk to the scone pizza base

 Step 5: Knead the dough in the bowl for a minute to make it nice and smooth.

Scone pizza dough

Step 6: If you'd like to add some cheese to the dough, it's time to do it now. Knead in 25g of grated cheddar until it is combined within the dough.

Cheese scone pizza dough

Step 7: Roll out the scone dough with a rolling pin on a floured surface. I like to do it directly onto a pizza stone. It doesn't have to be neat. The more rustic the better!

Rolling out the scone pizza dough

Step 8: Now it's time for adding toppings of your choice. Cheese and tomato is always a staple in this house, especially with the kids.

Spreading tomato puree onto scone pizza base

Step 9: We used grated cheddar and sliced buffalo mozzarella for this pizza. You could try crumbled blue cheese or even feta if you prefer.

Scone Pizza ready for the oven

Step 10: Bake in a preheated oven for 10-15 minutes. Leave to cool for 5 minutes before cutting into slices.

Scone Pizza out of the oven

Scone pizza toppings

My kids usually opt for a mozzarella and tomato pizza. 

A personal favourite of mine is ham and pineapple (I love it so much I've even developed a macaroni cheese recipe with ham and pineapple!).

For something a little bit different, how about this Brie and Blackberry Pizza from A Mummy Too? Not sure my kids would go for it, but I might give it a try when blackberry season arrives.

Scone Pizza ready for curring into slices

Serving suggestions

I usually make this scone pizza for my kids to share at lunch. They like it with some cucumber and carrot sticks on the side. I sometimes also make these tasty baked carrot fries to go with the pizza too!

If you're serving this to adults, I'd make a green salad with a light lemony salad dressing.

The ingredients stated make 1 medium pizza. The recipe can easily be doubled if you would like to make 2 pizza's, or if you prefer, 4 mini ones.

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Scone based recipes are so easy to make. Here are a few of my favourites.

Easy Cheese Scones - perfect for a savoury afternoon tea or picnic, I serve these easy cheese scones with crisp apple slices, pickle....and MORE CHEESE! I call them Ploughman's scones.

Easy Cheese Scone

You might also want to check out my meat feast pizza and air fryer cheese on toast recipe too!


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Have I convinced you yet that you NEED to try this scone pizza? If I have, then you can find the full recipe below.

step by step scone pizza base

This Scone Pizza recipe features in a fabulous 50 easy school night dinners round-up over on Effortless Foodie! Do take a look, there is some great inspiration for stress-free weeknight meals.



  1. I would never have thought to use the scone base! Definitely sounds like something I should try and your pizza looked amazing! Thanks for sharing

    1. My mum used to make scone pizzas all the time. I can't believe it's taken me so long to try them myself

  2. I have not had a scone pizza in years, tbh I had forgetten all about them I really must make them again soon

  3. What a brilliant idea! I've never made scones, but I might now try those as well as this scone pizza. And thank you for the self-raising flour tip - I had no idea :)

    1. Scones really are so easy to make, you really must give them a try. The self raising flour tip is coming in quite useful at the moment!

  4. What a great idea, I know lots of my friends are struggling to get flour at the moment so this is ideal.

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