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Apple Crumble and Custard Loaf Cake

Oh my, this was one amazing bake - a classic British pudding in cake form! I was lying in bed wide awake early last Saturday, hubby was snoring (which is quite usual after a couple of pints on a Friday night) and my 18 month old was wedged in between us after a long night of chickenpox itchies! There was no way I was going back to sleep so I started thinking about the bucket of Bramleys I'd collected from our apple tree the day before and what I could do with them. Immediately thoughts turned to the usual crumble and pie recipes and as much as I love them (crumbles especially), I was getting a little bit bored of churning the same puddings out every weekend.

Problem was I wasn't ready to forgo my usual weekend treat combo of tart bramley apples and sweet creamy custard - there is just something so comforting about those flavours. Roll on a few more minutes and a bit of sniffing around the web and I came up with the idea of an apple crumble and custard cake....and there it was…

Jimini's Edible Insects and Protein Bars: Review and Giveaway

I'll be honest, I had to have a bit of dutch courage to try these! I've always hated watching the 'I'm a Celebrity' eating challenges on t.v so when faced with a real life mealworm, even with a coating of garlic and herbs, I was a bit hesitant (that's putting it mildly)! The glass of wine did the trick on the courage front though and I cautiously put the first one in my mouth, much to the delight of my kids! After a few measured chews I swallowed. 'Hmm not that bad' I thought. After a few more worms I began to quite enjoy the taste and found them strangely moreish. Perhaps a drinks nibble of the future? The grasshoppers on the other hand are still in their box.....I'm waiting for my next glass of wine to try those!

I bet you're thinking what kind of person would want to develop edible insect products....well, these guys did and they're doing rather well from it.....

About Jimini's Jimini's was launched in 2012 by two French entrepre…

Raspberry Fool with belVita Honey and Nut Crunch

I eat breakfast at my desk a couple of mornings a week when I go swimming before work. It means leaving home at 6am very bleary eyed, so I'm rarely organised enough to bring a bowl, cereal and milk with me. Instead, I keep a handy stash of belVita Breakfast Biscuits, some dried fruit and packets of seeds in my desk drawer to keep me going until lunch. belVita Breakfast Biscuits are made with at least 5 wholegrains and offer a great source of fibre and vitamin B6 as well as magnesium and iron. Being familiar with the brand I was happy to accept their challenge of developing a recipe using the belVita Honey and Nut Breakfast Biscuits.....and this Raspberry Fool with a Honey and Nut Crunch was what I came up with. I have to say it 's just a little bit yummy.

The raspberry fool with a crunchy honey and nut topping (courtesy of crushed belVita biscuits) makes a lovely lazy weekend breakfast, or you could even use it as a fresh and fruity dessert. I love fruity fools made with thic…

Meal Plan 26th September - 2nd October

Another week has whizzed by and it's been a bit stressful at times thanks to lost school bags, clubs over running, and a teething 18 month old.....but we got there in the end and I suppose I should be grateful that the double sleepover my eldest two had on Friday passed without incident. I did a lot of therapeutic baking this weekend, some of which I'll be blogging soon. There were cheese and ham pinwheels, an apple crumble and custard loaf cake (absolutely amazing - I've put on half a stone just looking at it), standard Saturday morning fairy cakes, choc chip cookies and some mini quiches. Unfortunately my lot don't do moderation so there's hardly any left for lunchboxes. They must think they're not going to get fed again until next weekend!

I have a feeling the broad bean risotto on Tuesday might go down like a lead balloon with the kids and hubby (I have emergency fish fingers) but I love broad beans so tough luck. If emergency fish fingers are required it …

Creamy Veggie Tortellini Soup

The weather has turned decidedly autumnal hasn't it? I don't mind as I love Autumn, but I'm having to try really hard to resist the temptation to turn the heating on. *MUST NOT TURN IT ON BEFORE HALLOWEEN*

The problem is I work from home a few days a week so by lunchtime my feet have usually turned to ice blocks and my fingers have turned purple (maybe I need to type faster?). I always try and go on a long power walk on my lunch break to get the circulation going again and to clear my head - it helps a lot but I also crave warm and filling meals at this time of year to keep me going until dinner time, which seems to be getting later and later thanks to the kids after school activities. On Mondays the eldest two have swimming lessons, On Tuesdays my daughter has gymnastics after school, all three then go to the village youth club and my eldest daughter also has brownies. Wednesdays is football training for my son (and hubby has recently come out of retirement!). Thursdays …

Meal Plan 19th - 25th September 2016

Autumn has arrived it seems so this weeks meals are going to involve frugal comfort food at its best. I took unpaid leave in August so I could spend the summer with the kids....hence we're a bit low on funds at the moment. I'm really hoping I can scrape to payday on Friday without going into the red.

Here's what I've come up with thanks to my well stocked freezer and cupboards!

Monday 19th September
Two Sausage Pasta Bake using Debbie&Andrews new Buttered Onion and Mustard Sausages and spicy Chorizo

Tuesday 20th September
Pea and Cheddar Risotto

Wednesday 21st September
Frittata and HM Sweet Potato Wedges

Thursday 22nd September
Fish Finger Sandwiches

Friday 23rd September
Brie and Ham Panini's with Coleslaw

Saturday 24th September
Slow Cooker Chicken Korma, Rice and Naans

Sunday 25th September
Roast Gammon, Roast Sweet Potato, Cauli and Broccoli Cheese, Carrots and Stuffing

Dreamy Vanilla Cupcakes with a Buttercream Frosting

Debenhams kindly asked me to try out some products from their baking range recently. I said yes of course and a lovely big parcel arrived last weekend full of baking goodies including numerous icing tools, palette knives, a pie bird (something I’ve always wanted and a blackberry and apple pie is definitely on the list to make this weekend!), a rather cool retro looking flour sifter, a sugar shaker, lots of pretty cupcake cases and some icing bags with different size nozzles. The first recipe I made, trialling some of the products, were these Dreamy Vanilla Cupcakes with a super smooth buttercream frosting. I was really keen to try out this icing bag and nozzle kit and was impressed with how well the icing went on! They didn’t look half bad given I’ve never been that good at icing cakes. I usually leave cake decoration to my Mother in Law who is a chef and cake decorator extraordinaire…but I’m very tempted to have a go at some more intricate icing designs using some of the icing tools

The Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

To celebrate the start of the new series of Great British Bake-Off, Aldi contacted me to see if I'd like to take part in their 'Aldi's Amazing Bakes' challenge. The aim of the challenge was to rustle up a tasty baked treat on a budget using Aldi ingredients. They kindly sent me some Aldi vouchers and I headed off to their brand new store in Bideford, just a few minutes away from my office (no more 40 mile round trips to Liskeard anymore!!), to see what I could find for inspiration.

I decided to keep things simple and make some super easy chewy choc chip cookies. Perfect for after school snacks now the kids are back at school! You could vary the recipe quite easily by using raisins instead of choc chips, or maybe even some chopped nuts.

This is a great base recipe for adding your own little twist. Enjoy!


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The Best Chewy Choc Chip Cookies
by Beth Sachs August-12-2016 Condensed milk makes these choc chip cookies extra chewy Ingredients F…