Mars Bar Sauce for Pancakes

With Pancake Day only a few days away I thought I would post a recipe for my favourite pancake sauce...Mars Bar Sauce! Everybody loves this sauce and it's so simple you don't really need a recipe. All you need to do is melt 1 chopped up Mars Bar with 100ml double cream per person and you have an indulgent chocolaty sauce for your pancakes. So, for four people melt 4 Mars Bars with 400ml of Double Cream (I use a suacepan but you could probably do it in a microwave if you are careful). A knob of butter at the end makes the sauce nice and glossy.

You can either roll the pancakes up and eat with your hands or as I prefer to do eat them flat with a knife and fork and savour every mouthful.

Handy Pancake Hint: Use Asda's clever pancake mix-o-meter to accurately calculate how much batter you need to make pancakes for all your family. For these Mars Bar pancakes I allow 2 per person ...that's all your body can take!

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