Christmas Wreath Fruit Bagel

Enjoy these Christmas bagels decorated with fruit during the festive season. Why not include these easy-to-make fruity bagels as part of a Christmas themed breakfast? The kids will love them!

Christmas Bagel decorated with fruit

These fruity Christmas bagels offer a healthy yet festive start to your day during the Christmas season.

Enjoy the toasted cinnamon bagels, generously spread with cream cheese and adorned with a crown of green and red fruits, sparkling like jewels. Why not incorporate them into your Christmas morning traditions?

Why not engage the children in the fun of decorating them? If cream cheese isn't to your liking, raspberry jam makes an excellent alternative.

Festive breakfast idea

North Pole breakfasts or Christmas-themed breakfasts are the current trend. These fruity Christmas wreath bagels can serve as an attractive centrepiece for your own festive breakfast table.

Consider making star-shaped toast sprinkled with edible glitter. And why not try snowman-shaped pancakes? Simply place a snowman cutter in the frying pan and fill it with pancake batter.

Don't forget the elf doughnuts – a delightful treat made from Cheerios dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands!

Fruity Christmas Bagel with elf in background


4 Cinnamon bagels, sliced in half
8 TBSP Cream Cheese
4 Kiwi Fruit, sliced and chopped into triangles
100g Blueberries
8 TBSP Pomegranate seeds

How to make

Step One: Toast the bagels in your toaster then spread with the cream cheese.

Step Two: Decorate the bagels with the chopped fruit and serve.

Top Tips

    • If you can't get hold of cinnamon bagels, just use plain bagels.
    • If you're making these for adults why not replace the cream cheese for brandy butter?
    • I've used kiwi, blueberries and pomegranate seeds for these Christmas wreath bagels but you could try other fruit and let the kids build their own.
    • Make a savoury version with spinach leaves and smoked salmon.
      Fruit Christmas Bagel with elf on the shelf

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