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Strawberry and White Chocolate Muffins - In the Bag

Strawberry and White Chocolate Muffins
The 'In the Bag' challenge this month was strawberries and white chocolate. Having been to my local PYO this weekend and coming back with a huge punnet of strawberries (as well as a daughter with a very red mouth and stained clothes) - I decided to develop a new muffin recipe incorporating the chosen ingredients.

These are delicious and made even better with a glass of cold milk alongside.

Ingredients: makes 8 muffins
300g Plain Flour
2 TSP Baking Powder
150g Golden Caster Sugar
50g Butter, Melted
225ml Milk
1 Egg
1 TSP Vanilla Extract
100g Strawberries, diced
75g White Chocolate broken into pieces.

Preheat the oven to 200c and line a muffin tin with cases
Step 1: Sieve flour and baking powder into bowl and stir in sugar.
Step 2: Mix together butter, milk, egg, vanilla extract.
Step 3: Combine dry and wet ingredients and gently stir in strawberries and white chocolate (try not to over mix). Fill muffin cases.
Step 4: Cook in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Beth Sachs
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  1. Oh yummy ... and I do agree they should be baking for you :)

  2. These look delicious and would be perfect in the new heart shaped cupcake cases I bought at the weekend.

  3. Congrats on the masters degree!! A great looking recipe for all the strawberries in my frig.

  4. Strawberries and white chocolate seems like a great combination! They look delicious.

  5. Oh strawberry and white chocolate muffins sound perfect and look delicious!

  6. We'd like to invite you to participate in our July berry recipe contest. All competitors will be placed on our blogroll, and the winner will receive a fun prize! Please email me,, if you're interested. Feel free to check out our blog for more details. (Click on my name in the message to visit our blog. :)

  7. I agree, your colleagues should be treating you! But my guess is, they have sampled your baking before and wanted a repeat performance. :-)

    Those muffins sound delish.

  8. Your muffins look fab. Well done for passing your degree. Your colleagues are bound to love them.

  9. Those muffins sound great - perfect for when you have to many berries! What a yummy breakfast or for afternoon tea!

    Congrats on your degree as well!

    Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll! Hope to see you in the forum!

  10. Wow Beth-Those look so delicious! I love berries and white chocolate. I better hurry and make those while the strawberries are still perfect!

  11. These look simple and yummy...congrats on the Masters!!

  12. You can never go wrong with raspberries and chocolate...white or otherwise:D

  13. Those look so beautiful and like such a great combination! Yum!

  14. Oooh yum, I bet they taste delicious. Thanks for entering!

  15. Hey, I made these from your recipe a couple of days ago and they were amazing. Thank you for posting! I put my results up on my blog if you want to see them...
    Love reading your blog!

  16. Just made these - WOW!! They look like the ones you buy inthe shops, but taste much nicer. Will def be making these again!


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