Enjoy This Spring With Arla Organic Milk

Enjoy Nature's Best This Spring With Arla Organic Milk
We love milk in this house! So much so, we get through a whopping 12 pints a week here. Maybe this isn't such a surprise when you factor in 3 growing children, one who insists on her beaker of milk every night before bed (the small one with curly hair), the daily milk with cereal, milk with tea, after school milk and cookies (hay bale optional), plus all the milk I use in my daily cooking and baking which, as a food blogger seems to be quite a lot.

Enjoy Nature's Best This Spring With Arla Organic Milk


As with most food products I use, I try to buy organic where possible. Arla organic free range milk, available from large Asda and Sainsbury stores, is sourced from British farms (89 at the current count), where all the cows are free range and where possible, grazed outside on 100% organically farmed land. Arla farmers rely on crop rotation, well timed cultivation and careful selection of crop varieties to control weeds and pests and maintain soil fertility, rather than conventional pesticides and herbicides. The organic way of farming also encourages wildlife by avoiding manufactured chemical sprays.

Enjoy Nature's Best This Spring With Arla Organic Milk


    At breakfast we use organic milk on our homemade granola and in the cooler months our slow cooker porridge (hubby has a glug in his coffee too). The slow cooker porridge is a particular favourite of mine as all I have to do is pop the ingredients (oats and milk) in the slow cooker the night before and leave it on low until the morning. Such an easy breakfast and you can add whatever toppings you fancy. Raisins and maple syrup are the firm favourites here but I have been known to stir jam and clotted cream in too on special occasions (what can I say, I'm Cornish!).



    These yummy cheesy scones use milk to help bind the dough! The kids love them as an after school snack with some mature cheddar and chutney and they help to keep their tummies nice and full until dinner.  Homemade cookies and a glass of milk also go down pretty well too!

    Cheese Scones


    Milk is a key ingredient in our favourite comfort food Mac 'n' Cheese! I also use it lots in other meals too. Bolognese tastes amazing when it's been simmered on low for hours with some creamy whole milk added to it and my Lasagne wouldn't be the same without the cheesy bechamel sauce I make.

    Macaroni Cheese
    This Bacon and Broccoli Bake uses a pint of organic milk to make the cheese sauce...and it's super tasty!

    Bacon and Broccoli Bake


    Milk puddings are homely and go down well with the kids, especially with a topping of fresh fruit....and don't forget rice puddings too (best made in the slow cooker).

    Milk Pudding


    There isn't usually any milk left in this house, but on the occasions I have had some that needs to be used up, I pour the leftovers into ice cube trays and freeze, ready to pop into homemade fruit smoothies and iced coffee. Flavoured milk lollies are great for the summer months as an after school treat!


    Bed time wouldn't be complete here, without Heidi taking her warm (but not too hot) milk to bed with her in her favourite my little pony beaker.

    Heidi drinking milk


    Whether it's creamy whole milk (which the toddler has), or semi skimmed, I know that by buying Arla Organic Milk I'm supporting British farmers as the profits are ploughed back directly to the farmers themselves, ensuring they can continue to produce nutritious and delicious organic milk in the future. #ArlaOrganic milk is available in 2 litre bottles and retails at £1.75 (available from large Sainsburys and Asda stores as well as online with Ocado). It's recently been awarded 2018 Product of the Year too!

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Arla Organic Milk. I was compensated for writing this post. All thoughts are my own.

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