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Cheddar Cheese Risotto

I was a little bit dubious about this Nigella recipe - but as ever, it was delicious. A quick and comforting meal any day of the week. Use a strong cheddar if you can - I used Davidstow Extra Mature!

By Beth Sachs, 23rd December 2008

1 tbsp oil1tbsp butter1 leek, sliced finely300g Risotto Rice125 ml dry white wine1/2 tsp Dijon mustard1 litre hot vegetable stock125g Cheddar, cubedChives, chopped Instructions:
Step 1: Melt butter and oil and soften leek for 10 minutes.Step 2: Add rice and fry for 1 minute, add wine and mustard and stir until wine evaporated.Step 3: Gradually add stock, ladleful at a time, until rice is cooked and liquid absorbed.Step 4: Take off heat and stir through cheddar and chives.

Christmas Cupcakes

Some festive cupcakes for you to try. Not much time to write anything else - I've got too much to do! I thought I was really organised...!

350g plain flour
85g golden caster sugar
85g light muscovado sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
zest 2 small oranges
2 eggs
284ml carton soured cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
100g butter , melted
Method: Step 1: Heat oven to 200C/fan 180C/ gas 6. Line a 12-hole muffin tin with paper cases. Step 2: Mix the flour, sugars, baking powder and zest. Step 3: In another bowl, beat the eggs, then stir in the cream, vanilla and butter and pour into the dry ingredients. Stir to mix but don't overbeat. Spoon into cases. Step 4: Bake for 25 minutes Step 5: Cool and decorate with butter icing and festive sprinkles

Curried Mince and Peas

Cheap, easy and with only a handful of ingredients this is the perfect midweek meal to satisfy the whole family. If you like it a bit hotter try making it with Madras curry paste rather than the Tikka paste specified in the recipe.

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Curried Mince and Peas
by Beth Sachs December-07-2008 A quick and easy curried mince and peas recipe. Ingredients 1 Onion, chopped4 TBSP Tikka Curry Paste750g Minced Beef200ml Beef Stock400g tin Chopped Tomatoes100g Frozen Peas Instructions Step 1: Heat 1 TBSP oil in a pan and fry the onion for 5 minutes.Step 2: Add the minced beef and fry for another 5 minutes.Step 3: Stir in the tikka paste then pour in the tomatoes and stock. Simmer for 15 minutes.Step 4: Add the frozen peas and cook for 5 minutes before serving.
Details Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 40 mins Total time: 50 mins 
Yield: 4

Chocolate Yule Log

This 'Nigella' inspired Yule Log has gone straight in the freezer ready to be pulled out on Christmas Eve, sprinkled with some icing sugar, and maybe, just maybe 2 little robins on top (as my Nan used to do).

I feel like I'm really on top of my Christmas preparations this year. Last Christmas was way toooo hectic - I got married on the 29th December so Christmas went by as a bit of a blur. This year I just want to relax with the family, eat what I want (I had to be a bit careful last year) and be 'merry'(and you all know what that constitutes in my book). Bring it on!!!!!!
For the cake;
6 Eggs separated
150g Caster Sugar
50 g Cocoa Powder
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

For the Icing:
175g Dark Chocolate
250g Icing Sugar
225g Butter, softened
1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Step 1: Preheat oven 180c and line a swiss roll tin with baking parchment (let it overhang the edges)
Step 2: Whisk the egg whites until the form stiff peaks and continue to whisk while you add 5…

Nigella's Christmas Spiced Chocolate Cake

I've stashed it away in the freezer - just like Nigella told me to do - ready for Christmas Eve when I will be serving it with some Cointreau Cream.

The smell of this cake was amazing, with the orange zest, espresso and cinnamon. I was little bit worried about adding the cinnamon as I am not a huge fan - but I've given it a go and if the smell is anything to go by it will taste just fine.

150g Dark Chocolate
150g Butter
6 Eggs
250g Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
100g Ground almonds
1 tsp Cinnamon
Pinch of ground cloves (I didn't have any so didn't add this)
Zest of 1 Orange (Nigella uses a clementine)
4 tsp Instant Espresso powder

Step 1: Make sure all ingredients are at room temperature.
Step 2: Preheat oven to 180c. Butter sides and line base of 23cm springform tin.
Step 3: Melt chocolate and butter together in microwave and set aside to cool
Step 4: Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla until thick, pale and moussy. They should have doubled in size.
Step 5: …

Edible Christmas Gifts (5) ~ Cranberry Vodka

It takes two weeks to make so you need to get started pretty soon to have this ready for Crimbo.

Ingredients: 1 litre Vodka 250g Fresh Cranberries 175g Caster Sugar
Method: (makes 2 50cl bottles) Step 1: Sterilise a suitably large bottle (see picture at top) Step 2: Prick the cranberries with a fork and place in bottle, add voddy and sugar Step 3: Leave for two weeks shaking every day Step 4: Strain and decant into smaller 50cl bottles (sterilised) to give away as presents - I may well have to keep a bottle...for emergencies

Edible Christmas Gifts (4) ~ Gold Dust Christmas Cookies

Courtesy of Nigella, an easy festive cookie for you all to try. I bought my edible gold glitter, which is a necessity in this recipe I think, from Jane Ashers online store. I made these for Lowen's little friends at nursery (I've put them in the freezer for now) but I'm half tempted to make another batch and use them for Christmas tree decorations. They have a lovely delicate flavour and my only alteration to the recipe was the addition of some orange zest, which went great with the ginger.
Ingredients: (makes 30ish) 90g Butter, softened 100g Caster Sugar 1 Large Egg 1tsp ground ginger Zest of 1 orange 200g Plain Flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp fine salt Edible gold glitter
Method: Step 1: Preheat oven to 180c Step 2: Cream butter and sugar, beat in egg followed by ginger and orange zest. Fold in flour, baking powder and salt and continue mixing until it comes together to form a soft dough. Step 3: Form 2 discs, wrap in cling film and put in fridge to rest for 20 minutes Step 4: Flou…

Mediterranean Pasta Bake

The great thing about this pasta bake is that there's no need to pre cook the pasta. All you need to do is mix the ingredients together in a bowl, pour into an ovenproof dish, scatter over the cheese and bake for 1 hour in the oven. It's really tasty too!

MEDITERRANEAN PASTA BAKE| Serves: 6 | Prep Time: 5 Minutes | Cook Time: 1 Hour | Total Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes |
INGREDIENTS:100g Chorizo, sliced2 tins chopped tomatoes500g Penne150 ml of Double Cream50g Capers6 cloves of garlic, chopped2 TBSP Basil, chopped175ml Boiling Water1/2 TSP SugarSalt, Pepper and 1 tsp sugar80g soft goats cheese75g Parmesan, grated75g Cheddar, gratedINSTRUCTIONS:Step 1: Preheat the oven 180C (160C Fan).Step 2: Mix all of the ingredients together (except the cheeses) in a large bowl.Step 3: Pour into an oven proof dish, top with the cheeses.Step 4: Bake in the oven for 50 minutes to 1 hour. Cover with foil after 20 minutes to stop it browning too much on top.| Author: Beth Sachs | Date:  22nd November 2…

Stroganoff Steaks

I rarely cook steak, mainly down to its expense, but after a few stressful weeks at work hubby and I decided to treat ourselves last Friday. I bought two lovely thin cut sirloin steaks and fried them for 2 minutes a side (we like our steaks on the rare side). It was washed down with a lovely glass of Shiraz.

1 Onion sliced
25g Butter
1 garlic, crushed
200g Chestnut Mushrooms, sliced
1 tsp paprika
1 tbsp vegetable oil
2 Sirloin steaks about 200g each
150ml Beef Stock
150ml Soured Cream
Parsley, chopped

Step 1: Fry the onion in the butter until soft, add the garlic and mushroom and fry until mushrooms cooked. Add paprika and fry for 30 secs. Tip out onto plate
Step 2: Heat oil in same pan, cook steaks as you like, then take out of pan and keep warm.
Step 3: Return Mushroom mix to pan, add stock and reduce by 2/3. Take off heat and stir through cream, parsley and season well
Step 4: Serve sauce on top of steaks with whatever you fancy. As I don't like potatoes I se…

Edible Christmas Gifts (3) ~ Apple and Cranberry Chutney

This Chutney tastes fantastic, even straight out of the pan! The original recipe comes from Good Food magazine but I halved the recipe as I only wanted to fill 2 x 500g jars.
Great served with cold meats and cheeses or given as a Christmas present. The Chutney will keep for 6 months.
Ingredients: 500g Cooking apples, peeled and chopped 250g Eating Apples, peeled and chopped 250 onions, sliced 25g Ginger, chopped 1/2 Tsp red peppercorns 250g Granulated Sugar 125ml Cider Vinegar 250g Cranberries
Method: Step 1: Put all ingredients in a large pan except cranberries, bring to the boil then simmer uncovered for 50 minutes. Step 2: Add cranberries for final 10 minutes of cooking. Step 3: Fill 2 500g Sterilised Jars

Apple Crumble Bars

Apple crumble is probably my favourite dessert (with warm custard in the winter and a dollop of clotted cream in the summer), but I wanted to see if I could transform this popular pud into traybake form, making it easily transportable in lunchboxes and picnic baskets. I'm pleased to report it worked and I ended up with a gorgeously fruity tart apple bar with a sweet and crumbly topping. The quantities I give make a huge tray but it freezes really well too so why not freeze half for another day?

If you love apple crumble I promise you'll love these.

APPLE CRUMBLE BARS| Serves: makes 30 bars | Prep Time: 20 Minutes | Cook Time: 55 Minutes | Total Time: 1 Hour 15 Minutes |
560g Plain Flour1/2 tsp Salt270g Golden Caster Sugar60g Light Brown Sugar330g Butter, diced.3 Bramley Apples, peeled and dicedJuice half a Lemon1 TSP cinnamon
Step 1. Peel and dice up the apples into small cubes. Squirt with the lemon juice and set aside in a bowl.Step 2. Combine the flou…

Bacon and Pea Linguine in a White Wine and Soured Cream Sauce

This was most definitely a throw it in the pan kind of dish as I'm desperately trying to finish off odds and ends in the cupboards, fridge and freezer to make room for all the Christmas food that will be coming shortly.

As you all know Hubby is not a fan of creamy sauces so it was just my luck that he was out at darts tonight - giving me a great excuse to try this.

Ingredients: serves 2 and a toddler 4 rashers bacon, chopped 1 Onion sliced 1 Garlic clove, sliced Splash of white wine 3 TBSP Soured Cream Seasoning Handful Parmesan, grated Handful Basil, sliced Toasted pine nuts to serve 350g Linguine, cooked according to packet

Method: Step 1: Fry onion, bacon and garlic in a little oil Step 2: Add wine, cream and cheese and simmer for a few minutes then add basil Step 3:Toss in linguine and serve with toasted pine nuts scattered on top.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Another quick one I'm afraid. We are preparing to say to goodbye to hubby's sister and family this weekend as they leave for New Zealand.

I made this last night for dinner and it was a complete hit, very tasty, with minimal effort. Great when time is short.

Ingredients: serves 4 2 Onions, sliced Thumb size piece of ginger, peeled and sliced 2 Red Chilli's, sliced 3 Chicken breasts, chopped 1/2 280g jar of tikka paste 1 can coconut milk 1 tin chopped tomatoes Salt and Pepper

Method: Step 1: Fry onion, ginger and chilli's for 10 minutes until soft Step 2: Turn up heat and add chicken and tikka paste, then add coconut milk and tomatoes and season generously. Bring to the boil then simmer with lid on for 20 minutes Step 4: Serve with rice

A little picture of Lowen in her new winter hat!!

Apple and Sultana Traybake

This is a beautifully moist traybake that used up my remaining Bramley's.

225g Butter, Softened
280g Caster Sugar
4 eggs, beaten
2 TSP Vanilla Extract
350g Self Raising Flour
2 TSP Baking Powder
Handful of Sultana's
1 large Bramley, peeled and sliced thinly

Step 1: Preheat oven to 180c
Step 2: Cream the butter and sugar, beat in the eggs and vanilla and fold in the flour and baking powder until smooth. Add the sultana's and pour half the mixture into a lined baking tin.
Step 3: Scatter the sliced apple on top and then cover with the remaining batter.
Step 4: Bake for about 50 minutes or until golden.

Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Blondies

These were utterly delicious and I've frozen a second batch to use next weekend (catering for relatives during the wedding weekend).

PEANUT BUTTER AND WHITE CHOCOLATE BLONDIES Ingredients: 125g plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 100g butter, softened 150g crunchy peanut butter 175g soft light brown sugar 1 egg, beaten 1 tsp vanilla extract 75g white chocolate, chopped 20 x 20cm (8 x 8in) square cake tin
Method: Step 1: Preheat the oven to 170oC (325oF), Gas mark 3. Butter the sides of the cake tin and line the base with greaseproof paper. Step 2: Sift the flour and baking powder into a small bowl and set aside. In a large bowl, cream the butter and peanut butter together until very soft. Add the sugar, egg and vanilla extract and beat until combined. Add the flour, baking powder and the chopped chocolate and mix to form a dough.
Step 3: Place the dough in the prepared tin and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown and almost firm in the centre. Allow to cool in the tin, before r…

Pork, Spinach and Mushroom Lasagne

There are three sauces in this, a pork ragu, a spinach bechamel and a creamy mushroom, so I'll be honest and say it was a bit of a faff (my Nana loved that word) to make and put together - but well worth it when it came to tasting! It's beautifully rich and creamy and fantastic with a slice of garlic bread.

PORK, SPINACH AND MUSHROOM LASAGNE| Serves: 6  | Prep Time: 1 Hour | Cook Time: 30 Minutes | Total Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes |
375g Lasagne sheets50g Parmesan, gratedFor the Ragu:1 Onion, chopped900g minced pork6 cloves garlic, chopped2 TBSP Sage, choppedPinch of nutmeg2 x 400g Tins if Chopped TomatoesFor the Mushroom Sauce:110g Butter600g Mushrooms200ml double cream10 spring onions, choppedBechamel:50g Butter50g Flour700ml Milk200g Cheddar3 tsp English Mustard200g Spinach, chopped
Step 1: Prepare the ragu by frying the onion for 10 minutes until soft then add the rest of the ragu ingredients and simmer for 40 minutes.Step 2: Prepare the mushroom sauce …

Lemon Iced Cupcakes

Great for bake sales and lunchboxes.

125 Butter, softened
125g Sugar
1 tsp Lemon zest
150g Plain Flour, sifted
2 Beaten Eggs
1/4 TSP Baking Powder

For the icing
75g Butter, softened
150g Icing Sugar, sifted
1 TSP Lemon Zest
1-2 TSP Lemon Juice

Method: makes 7-8 large cupcakes or 12 fairy cakes
Step 1: Preheat oven to 180c
Step 2: Cream butter, sugar and zest together
Step 3: Add eggs gradually then fold in flour and baking powder
Step 4: Spoon into cases and put in oven for 10 minutes
Step 5: To make icing mix together ingredients until right consistency is formed and spread or pipe onto cooled cakes.

Christmas Mincemeat

This recipe makes enough mincemeat to fill approx 50 mince pies. If you would prefer to use suet just omit the melted butter from the recipe.

To make 2 Ib of Vegetarian mincemeat you will need:

Ingredients: 450g (1 Ib) mixed dried fruit 100g (4oz) melted butter 100g (4oz) cooking apples or apple of choice - peeled and grated (weight when prepared) 100g (4oz) light brown sugar 50g -100g (2-4 oz) of chopped nuts of choice - optional 100g (4oz) glace cherries, chopped 100g (4oz) chopped candied peel 1 TSP grated lemon rind 1 TSP grated orange rind 2 TBSP lemon juice 1 TSP mixed spice 1/2 TSP ground cinnamon 4 tablespoons brandy (I used 2 TBSP brandy and 2 TBSP orange juice)
Method: Step 1: Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Step 2: Leave for 24 hours and stir occasionally. Step 3: Sterilise 3 medium sized jam jars (wash in soapy water and put on a baking tray in a low oven for 20 minutes), pack in the mincemeat using a clean spoon, seal and store in a cool dry place.

Chicken Karahi ~ a great Friday night curry!

I saw a recipe for Lamb Karahi in this months Delicious Magazine, but I decided to do a chicken version of the dish as I couldn't get hold of any lamb leg steaks.

This was a real hit and spicy enough for hubby! This is going on my 'make again' list and next time I'd like to try it with lamb.

500g Chicken Breast, cubed
200g Mushrooms, sliced
1 Onion, sliced
3 Garlic Cloves, sliced
2 tsp each of garammasala, ground coriander, cumin seeds and dried chilli flakes
400g tin of chopped Tomatoes
150ml Vegetable stock
Toasted Cashew Nuts

Serve with chapatis, basmati rice, plain yogurt and plenty of mango chutney!

Step 1: Heat oil in a pan and fry onion and garlic for 5 minutes
Step 2: Add spices and fry for 2 minutes then add chicken and mushrooms and continue to fry for 5 minutes
Step 3: Add tomatoes and stock and simmer for 30 minutes until thickened
Step 4: Serve with a nice cold bottle of lager!

Edible Christmas Gifts (2) ~ Vanilla Sugar

Im going to include this in a chocolate themed hamper for a friend who has a serious addiction to all things sweet - apparently this is very good stirred into hot chocolate!!
What you will need: 1 500ml Sealable Jar (I got mine from Lakeland) - sterilised. 500g Caster Sugar 1 Vanilla Pod, slit down the middle and cut into 3 bits, put in with the sugar and then decant to jar.

Roasted Sausage and Cherry Tomato Rigatoni

This was last nights offering for dinner, based loosely on a recipe from this months Delicious magazine, Sausage and Sage pasta.

Ingredients: serves 3-4 6 Pork Sausages 1 Can Cherry Tomatoes 1 Red Onion, quartered Pinch Sugar Seasoning 1 Garlic Clove, chopped Parmesan, grated

Method: Step 1: Preheat oven to 200c Step 2: Remove skins from sausages and roll meat into large balls, place in roasting tin Step 3: Tip in can of cherry tomatoes, red onion, garlic, sugar, salt and pepper Step 4: Roast in oven for 30 minutes, meanwhile cook pasta Step 5: Toss cooked pasta into sauce and sprinkle with parsley and Parmesan

Edible Christmas Gifts (1) ~ Christmas Spiced Salt

The salt will keep for a year and is good sprinkled on roast beef.
Ingredients: 250g Course Sea Salt (I used Cornish Sea Salt) 2 tsp Red Peppercorns 4 Star Anise 2 tsp Dried Chili Flakes
Method: Step 1: Sterilise a 500ml jar Step 2: Mix all ingredients together and place in cooled jar, seal and store in a cool, dry place until Christmas.

Mustard Pork Chops with Buttered Noodles and Spinach

Olive Oil Knob of Butter 2 Pork Chops 200g Chestnut Mushrooms, Sliced Splash White Wine 100ml Vegetable Stock 1/4 Tsp Dried Thyme 2 TBSP Creme Fraiche 1 TSP Wholegrain Mustard Buttered noodles and wilted spinach to serve.
Method: Step 1: Heat oil in frying pan, add butter when hot Step 2: Add pork chops and fry for 3 minutes each side on a high heat, then turn down the heat and cook for 2 more minutes. Take chops out of pan and let them rest on plate Step 3: Add mushrooms and fry until cooked. Remove and place on plate with pork Step 4: Add wine, stock and dried thyme and reduce by 2/3. Stir in creme fraiche and mustard. Step 5: Return Pork and Mushrooms to the pan to warm though. Serve with buttered noodles and spinach

Mars Bar Slices

Lowen had a couple of Birthday parties this weekend so I whipped up some of these refrigerator Mars Bar slices to take along. They are super quick to make but taste amazing. Well worth a go for kiddies parties...and the adults love them too.

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Mars Bar Slices by Beth Sachs October-04-2008 A no-bake Mars Bar slice made with Mars Bars, rice krispies and lots of other naughty things. Perfect for kids birthday parties. Ingredients 4 Mars Bars, chopped2 TBSP Syrup150g Butter6 cups of Rice Krispies – use your judgement, the mixture needs to be quite stiff300g Dark Chocolate, chopped Instructions Step 1: Line a swiss roll tin with baking paper.Step 2: Melt the Mars Bars, Butter and Syrup together either on a al ow heat on the hob or in a microwave (do it 10 second bursts and stir if using the microwave).Step 3: Mix in the rice krispies then press the mixture into the tin and pop in the fridge for 10 minutes..Step 4: Melt the…

Vanilla Apple Cake

This months Sweet and Simple Bake was a gorgeous Vanilla Apple Cake.
We had out Village Harvest Festival last weekend so I decided to make this cake for the bring and share tea.
Ingredients: 250g/9oz unsalted butter, softened, plus extra for greasing 250g/9oz golden caster sugar (or normal caster sugar) 4 eggs, beaten 250g/9oz self-raising flour 1 vanilla pod, split, seeds removed and reserved (or 1 tsp vanilla extract) 3 small Bramley apples, peeled, cored and cut into wedges (or any other type of cooking apple, if not apple of your choice) 2 tbsp Demerera sugar ¼ tsp ground cinnamon
Method: Step 1: Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Butter a 20cm/8inch spring form tin, then line the base with baking paper. Step 2: Beat the caster sugar and butter together until the mixture turns pale and fluffy. Add the eggs, flour and vanilla seeds, then beat together quickly to make a smooth batter. Step 3: Tip into the prepared tin, then lay the apple wedges on top, poking them halfway into the mix. Don’t …

Blackberry Muffins

Ingredients: makes 12 200g Plain Flour 50g Ground Almonds 1 TSP Baking Powder 150g Golden Caster Sugar 125g Butter, Melted 175ml Buttermilk 1 Egg, beaten 200g Blackberries Demerera Sugar for sprinkling
Method: Step 1: Preheat oven to 180c Step 2: Sift together flour and baking powder and stir in ground almonds Step 3: Combine wet ingredients (including sugar) in separate bowl then lightly fold into dry ingredients Step 4: Tip in blackberries and mix again Step 5; Line a 12 hole muffin tin with cases and tip the muffin mixture in, sprinkle on demerera sugar. Step 6: Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden

Butternut Squash, Chorizo and Pine Nut Spaghetti

Ingredients: (2 servings) Half a small Butternut Squash, diced Small Chorizo, sliced Handful of Pine nuts, toasted 250g Spaghetti 100g Feta, crumbled Sage leaves, shredded
Method: Step 1: Bring a pan of salted water to the boil, add the squash and boil for 4 minutes until tender Step 2: Meanwhile fry off the chorizo so they release their oil, take off the heat and add the toasted pine nuts and shredded sage Step 3: Use a slotted spoon to take the squash out of the pan, add this to the chorizo mixture and put on a low heat. Step 4: Add spaghetti to water and cook according to packet instruction Step 5: Drain cooked spaghetti and toss with chorizo mixture and add a good glug of oil Step 6: Serve with a good helping of grated Parmesan

Beef Koftas

Every few weeks we have a 'build a burger night' in our house which is always well received, especially by hubby. On this occasion though I decided to try something a little bit different and did a 'build a kofta night' instead. I served the koftas with pitta breads, red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, sour cream, chilli sauce and also some rice. They were fantastic, and although not totally authentic, they will become a regular I think!
Ingredients: Koftas 500g Minced Beef or Lamb 1 Onion, grated Thumb of Ginger, grated 6 Garlic Cloves, finely chopped Coriander 1 TBSP Chilli Sauce
Serve with Pitta's, Red Onion, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Sour Cream, Chilli Sauce and if you're really hungry Rice too!!
Method: Step 1: To make the koftas, put all of the kofta ingredients into a big bowl, along with salt and pepper and mix together, form into balls. Grill for 8-9 minutes, turning once or twice. Step 2: Toast Pittas and prepare salad

Chinese Chipshop Curry

We love Chinese curry in our house. It has a lovely subtle spice to it and its not too hot, perfect for the kids.

CHINESE CHIPSHOP CURRY| Serves: 2 | Prep Time: 20 Minutes | Cook Time: 30 Minutes | Total Time: 50 Minutes |
INGREDIENTS:2 tbsp sunflower oil1 onion, finely chopped1 tbsp ginger, grated3 garlic cloves, sliced1/2 tsp ground cumin1/2 tsp ground turmeric1/4 tsp Chili powder1/2 tsp ground coriander1 tsp ground fenugreek1 1/2 tsp curry powder125ml water2 1/2 tsp plain flour2 1/2 tsp self raising flour400ml chicken stockHandful of mushrooms, sliced200g leftover roast chicken INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Gently fry onions for 3 min, add the ginger and garlic and fry for a further 30 seconds. Keep gently frying until onions have softened.Step 2: Stir in all the spices and fry for a further 5 mins. Add the water then blitz into a paste. Stir in the two flours until well combined.Step 3: Slowly simmer the puree for 20 min until you have a thick paste and it is dark mustard brown in colour.Step…

Leek and Stilton Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread and Butter pudding is one of Britain's most traditional and loved desserts, and I couldn't resist putting a savoury spin on this classic using my favourite cheese, Stilton.

The original recipe came from a past edition of BBC Good Food magazine. Let me warn you though it is very filling but also very easy to adapt with other ingredients. 
LEEK AND STILTON BREAD AND BUTTER PUDDING Ingredients: 8 slices Granary Bread TBSP Dijon Mustard Butter 2 Leeks 200g Stilton 200g Cheddar 3 eggs 500ml Milk Seasoning and Parsley to serve
Method: Step 1: Fry leeks in a little oil until soft. Step 2: Butter and mustard one side of each slice of bread and cut each slice into quarters Step 3: Mix together the eggs. milk, salt and pepper to make an egg custard. Step 4: Lay third of bread on the bottom of an ovenproof dish (butter side up), top with a third of leeks and third of cheeses. Pour over a third of egg custard mixture. Step 5: Repeat the process until all ingredients have been used up. Leave to soak f…

Malteser Traybake

I'd been wanting to give these a go for ages so when I won a big box of maltesers in a prize draw last weekend I thought this was the ideal opportunity.

By Beth Sachs

Ingredients: 110g Butter 3 TBSP Syrup 120g Digestives 100g Ginger biscuits 220g Plain Chocolate 200g Maltesers Topping: 300g White Chocolate 10 Maltesers, crushed
Method: Step 1: Grease a swiss roll tin Step 2: Melt the plain chocolate, syrup and butter (I did this in the microwave) Step 3: Stir in crushed biscuits and whole maltesers and press into swiss roll tin, leave to set Step 4: Melt white chocolate and pour over base and sprinkle over crushed maltesers. Step 5: Refrigerate for 30 minutes then cut into bars.

Spicy Sweet Potato Chips

Ingredients: 2 Sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into chips Sea Salt Black Pepper 2 tsp Dried Chilli 1 tsp Cumin 1 tsp Ground Coriander 2 Cloves of garlic, crushed A few glugs of Olive Oil
Method: Step 1: Preheat oven to 200c and throw the seasoning and oil over the chips in an oven proof pan Step 2: Oven cook for 30 minutes until crispy and golden

Bacon, Spinach and Mushroom Pancake Bake

A delicious and easy savoury pancake bake, which could easily be adapted for vegetarians. As this was a midweek meal, to save time I bought ready made pancakes from the supermarket.
Ingredients: serves 4 500g Mushrooms, sliced 6 Rashers Bacon, chopped 300g Spinach 2 Garlic Cloves Cheese Sauce: 50g Butter 50g Flour 600ml Milk 150g Cheddar Cheese, grated Worcestershire Sauce- dash 8 Savoury Pancakes
Method: Step 1: Fry the mushrooms, bacon and garlic, drain excess liquid and put to one side. Step 2: Wilt the spinach in frying pan in 2 batches and squeeze out excess water. Step 3: Make the cheese sauce - melt the butter, stir in the flour and cook on a medium heat for 2 minutes, add the milk gradually, bring to the boil and then take off the heat and add the cheese and worcestershire sauce. Step 4: Assemble pancakes. Step 5: Place in oven proof dish, pour remaining sauce over and bake for 20 minutes.

Quiche Lorraine

You can't beat a good old quiche and this is a classic. Everyone loves Quiche Lorraine don't they? I usually serve with salad but if you wanted something more substantial serve the quiche straight out of the oven with my homemade spicy sweet potato chips.

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Quiche Lorraine by Beth Sachs August-27-2008 The classic quiche with bacon and cheese Ingredients For the pastry 175g Plain Flour100g Cold Butter, diced1 Egg YolkFor the filling 200g Smoked Bacon Lardons75g Cheddar, grated200ml Creme Fraiche200ml Double Cream3 Eggs, beatenPinch of NutmegSalt and Pepper Instructions Step 1: For the pastry, put the flour, butter, egg yolk and 4 tsp cold water into a food processor. Using the pulse button, process until the mix binds. Tip the pastry onto a lightly floured surface, gather into a smooth ball, then roll out as thinly as you can. Line a 23 x 2.5cm loose-bottomed, fluted flan tin, easing the pastry into the base. Trim the pastry edges with scissors (save any trimmings…