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Malteser Cheesecake

A creamy two layer no bake malteser cheesecake recipe. A great make ahead dessert for a crowd.

Really Easy Apple and Gooseberry Crumble

Celebrate gooseberry season with this easy Apple and Gooseberry Crumble recipe

Creme Fraiche Banana Loaf Cake

An easy banana loaf cake made with creamy crème fraiche. Great for a mid morning snack for hungry kids (and adults)!

Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Carbonara

I got a surprise in my online grocery delivery a few weeks ago – smoked salmon. Smoked salmon’s not usually on my shopping list due to the cost and I can only ‘apologise’ to the poor person who missed out because of the very unfortunate mistake by the delivery driver!   I managed to eek it out over two meals – making a very nice Smoked Salmon and Chorizo Risotto and this Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Carbonara. I think Carbonara has to be my ultimate comfort food but the addition of the salmon and asparagus really lightens it up and turns it into a wonderful summery treat. If asparagus isn’t in season you can just replace it with peas or broccoli.   Does anyone else transform their favourite comfort foods into lighter summery dishes for the warmer weather?  SMOKED SALMON AND ASPARAGUS CARBONARA Smoked Salmon Carbonara Pasta Yield: 4 Author: Beth Sachs Print Recipe Pin it With Image Without Image Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Carbonara

Chorizo, Mozzarella and Pesto Pizza

Chablis wines challenged me to come up with the perfect summer pairing to a glass of cool refreshing Chablis and demonstrate how the wine with such a beautiful minerality can fit so well with many summer dishes. Many people like to enjoy a glass of Chablis at Christmas time, but seem to forget it can also work incredibly well with summer dishes and flavours. For the Chablis blogger challenge I decided to create a light and summery pizza to eat al fresco on a warm summer evening...along with a glass of chilled Chablis. I made the dough using my usual recipe in the bread maker then rolled it out to within an inch of its life - the thinner the better. I topped the pizza with tomato passata then layed thin slices of chorizo all over the top. Spoonfuls of my fresh homemade wild garlic pesto were then dolloped on before the torn pieces of buffalo mozzarella were put in place. As a final finishing touch I added some teaspoons of caramelised onion chutney and 2 large sun dried

Fudgy Chocolate Slice

The first day of half term has been and gone and the kids are already eating me out of house and home! I needed to refill the cake tin quickly and these fudgy chocolate slices were perfect for the job. The cake is made in a very unauthentic manner whereby you melt butter and cocoa on the hob with some boiling water then stir through the dry ingredients, an egg and some milk. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes then top with a fudgy frosting (also made using the melting method). It really does taste amazing and is so easy and quick to make. FUDGY CHOCOLATE SLICE Chocolate Slice Baking Yield: 16 slices Author: Beth Sachs Print Recipe Pin it With Image Without Image Fudgy Chocolate Slice A chocolate slice with fudgy chocolate frosting prep time: 20 mins cook time: 20 mins total time: 40 mins ingredients: 110g  Butter, cubed 120ml  Boiling Water 3 level TBSP  Cocoa Powder 190g  Caster Sugar 130g  Plain Flour 1/2 TSP  Bicarbonate of Soda 1  Egg, b

Ginger Curd Treacle Tart

I made this ginger curd treacle tart a few days ago after noticing a jar of ginger curd in the cupboard. I thought adding a bit of the ginger curd would give the treacle tart a lovely warm rich flavour and it certainly did. I served this with clotted cream but ice cream would be good too. GINGER CURD TREACLE TART Ginger Curd Treacle Tart Dessert Yield: 8 Author: Beth Sachs Print Recipe Pin it With Image Without Image Ginger Curd Treacle Tart A ginger curd treacle tart recipe prep time: 1 hour cook time: 15 mins total time: 1 hours and 15 mins ingredients: 250g  Plain Flour 125g  Butter, cubed 100g  Icing Sugar 1  Egg, beaten   For the filling: 425g  Golden Syrup 150g  Ginger Curd 190g  Breadcrumbs instructions Step 1: Preheat oven to 180°c (160° fan).  Step 2: In a processor pulse the plain flour and butter until breadcrumbs form. Add the icing sugar and egg and pulse until a dough forms.  Step 3: Roll out the dough between 2 shee

Fig and Nut Granola

As well as tasting better, homemade granola is so much better for you - far less sugary than shop bought, none of the nasty additives and you can chuck in exactly what you want. The figs worked really well in this and gave it a lovely soft chewy texture which complemented the nuts really well. If you didn't have figs you could use dried apricots instead or just add more raisins. Enjoy the weekend everyone, although it looks like rain here in Cornwall -  ah well plenty of time for pottering in the kitchen! FIG AND NUT GRANOLA Homemade Granola Breakfast Yield: makes 15 bowls Author: Beth Sachs Print Recipe Pin it With Image Without Image Fig and Nut Granola An easy homemade granola recipe with dried figs and nuts. prep time: 15 mins cook time: 15 mins total time: 30 mins ingredients: 125ml  Maple Syrup 25g  Caster Sugar 25ml  Sunflower Oil 1 TSP  Vanilla Extract 500g  Jumbo rolled oats 250g  Nuts (I used walnuts, almonds and brazils) 10  Dr

Creamy Chicken Soup

We had this creamy chicken soup for lunch today and it was a hit with everyone. I used the stock from a chicken I cooked in the slow cooker to make this but you could always pick up some fresh chicken stock from the supermarket if you didn't have any.  Perfect with fresh bread. CREAMY CHICKEN SOUP Creamy Chicken Soup Yield: 4 Author: Beth Sachs Print Recipe Pin it With Image Without Image Creamy Chicken Soup A creamy chicken soup recipe prep time: 10 mins cook time: 25 mins total time: 35 mins ingredients: 2  Garlic cloves, crushed 1  Onion, chopped 1  Carrot, chopped finely 1 TSP  Dried Thyme 1.2 Litres  Fresh Chicken Stock 100ml  Double Cream 200g  Cooked Shredded Chicken instructions Step 1: Fry the garlic, onion and carrot in a large pan until soft. Add in the dried thyme and stir. Step 2: Pour in the stock, season and bring to the boil then turn down heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Blitz the soup with a stick blender then

Blueberry, Oatbran and Yogurt Muffins

A lovely light breakfast muffin that I stuff into big and little hands as we run out the door in the morning. The oatbran gives the muffins a really good flavour and makes me feel like they are doing us some good. You could replace the blueberries with other fruits like raspberries and blackberries - whatever you can get your hands on. We've just bought a blueberry bush so I'm hoping by the summer we will be making these with homegrown blueberries. BLUEBERRY, OATBRAN & YOGURT MUFFINS Blueberry Muffins Baking Yield: 12 Author: Beth Sachs Print Recipe Pin it With Image Without Image Blueberry, Oatbran and Yogurt Muffins A Blueberry Oatbran and Yogurt Breakfast Muffin prep time: 10 mins cook time: 15 mins total time: 25 mins ingredients: 120g  Plain Flour 120g  Oatbran 1 TSP  Baking Powder 1/2 TSP  Bicarbonate of Soda 120g  Caster Sugar Pinch of Salt  Salt 125g  Blueberries 2  eggs 240ml  Plain Yogurt 30ml  Vegetable Oil 1 TSP